Clean Eating & Gym HIIT workouts is how to get lean this year

Clean eating goes hand in hand with HIIT workouts and sweating at the gym. Eating clean will power your workouts, give you tons of energy, and make you feel healthy and strong overall.

What is clean eating and how can I start?

Clean eating is eating single ingredient whole foods that don’t have any extra additives or unhealthy ingredients. A clean eating diet allows your body to stop having cravings, balance itself, and re-energize in a healthy way. To start eating clean, set yourself up for success with a healthy kitchen.

What is a healthy kitchen and how can I set one up?

A healthy kitchen is one that helps you achieve your health resolutions of clean eating. It is a kitchen that is organized, filled with healthy food, and contains all of the items and tools you need to cook and store your healthy meals.

What items do I need for my healthy kitchen?

The best item for a healthy kitchen is a steam basket aka a vegetable steamer. You can also get a fancier version here or a completely simple one at your local grocery store. The vegetable steamer inspires healthy living because it is so easy to use (just add water) throw in your veggies and steam. It’s also very quick – steaming usually takes just a few minutes versus much longer for baking, broiling or sauteeing.

Why is steaming so good for clean eating?

A lot of clean eating recipes contain instructions for steaming vegetables and fish.

Steaming is a healthier way to cook because it retains most of the important nutrients and minerals inside of your food. You can steam almost anything — vegetables, fish, grains so this tiny little tool can give you so many huge benefits.

The best way to stick to your health resolutions is to make them easy, quick, and painless to complete. Steaming some veggies (you can even just steam frozen ones to save time) is quick and simple and will add SO much nutrition to your diet.

How To Get Lean Without a Gym

You don’t need a gym membership to be lean, healthy and fit. The best types of workouts – HIIT and functional training can be done anywhere with no equipment whatsoever.

Do I need to join a gym this year to get lean?

A gym membership is absolutely not necessary to get lean. Functional fitness does not require a gym membership. Lean muscles can be built with bodyweight and plyometric exercises that are part of the HIIT training methodology that goes so well with functional fitness.

How can I get lean without a gym?

Focus on high intensity bodyweight training. These are great examples of functional fitness. You don’t need to lift heavy weights to get into amazing shape. Try these 2 free workouts available on YouTube: High Intensity Plyometrics and How To Get Ripped. There’s many more to choose from on our Free Resources page as well. If you like those workouts, try using an online or app workout. Mission Lean is a great place to start. You can do these workouts anywhere, anytime with virtually no equipment and still get shredded. Most importantly, think like an athlete and train like one. Start playing a sport like tennis or join a basketball league. It will keep you fit and motivated to keep going with your fitness goals. Athletes spend most of the time playing and practicing their sport – there’s no better examples of functional fitness than superb athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and Maria Sharapova.

Do you need to go to a gym to do a HIIT workout?

Absolutely not. HIIT workouts are inspired by sports and are meant to prepare an athlete to perform at his absolute peak in competition. They are a great example of functional fitness that is such a healthy way to train your body. This goes hand in hand with clean eating to get the body performing at its peak.

How do I do a HIIT workout correctly?

HIIT intervals are meant to be done at 100% all out effort with limited rest times in between. For example, going all out for 30 seconds and then taking a complete break for 30 seconds before starting a high intensity exercise again. When a HIIT workout is done correctly your body experiences EPOC which helps you burn more fat.

What exactly is EPOC?

EPOC stands for Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption and is also known as the afterburn effect. Studies have shown that an HIIT workout could have you burning fat for up to 48 hours after you’re done sweating. When combined with clean eating, losing body fat becomes much more efficient.


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