About Mission Lean

Mission Lean is a digital platform offering multi-week, pro athlete-designed exercise and nutrition programs for men and women. Our programs boost fat loss through cardiovascular-based fitness training combined with a structured meal plan featuring healthy, whole food recipes. We provide subscribers with a clear-cut, personalized plan of action for achieving a lean, athletic, and enduring physique, rather than a short-term diet fix or bulky, non-functional muscles.

Co-founders Jon Pearlman and Lyuda Bouzinova, both ACE certified personal trainers and fitness nutrition specialists, have fused their unique backgrounds in professional sports and modeling to offer a revolutionary approach to fitness, nutrition, and life-long health.

Mission Lean makes getting fit easy by providing subscribers with daily schedules and weekly calendars to stick to; instructional videos featuring short, high intensity workouts incorporating a unique mix of running, plyometrics, stretching, strength training, sports training, yoga, and pilates; tips on how to grocery shop, meal prep and eat clean; smart lifestyle hacks; motivational coaching; personalized Q+A support from the co-founders; and more.

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