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A superfood is a food that has a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and have lots of other nutritional benefits. Consuming these can mean you need to eat less food overall in order to get the same nutrition. Many vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, spices and herbs can be considered superfoods. Most important to remember is that superfoods don’t have to come in packages that say “Superfood” on them

The way I see it – all nutritious food is super. But according to marketing, if it’s ancient, and the Mayas or the Aztecs ate it, it comes from some exotic location around the world and isn’t already widely known to Americans it is a super food. Yes, I definitely think a lot of the “superfoods” that are marketed that way are great – but so is ALL produce.

What Superfoods should I eat?

You should eat superfoods that you can shop for regularly and that can be easily incorporated into your diet.  To be lean, you don’t need to purchase a $17 chocolate bar. You just might want to replace a pastry that you grab at the office every morning with an apple or banana. Being lean is all about simplicity.  Find a lean body app that gives you superfood recipes that you can follow along with to make your transition towards superfoods easier.

To lean your body down from having extra fat, you should also try to lean your diet down to the simple basics. Fresh, whole ingredients that grow! A simple rule to follow – just avoid anything processed and purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, lean meat, grains, and nuts.

By eating so clean, your body will get rid of all of the unhealthy cravings that it has. So here’s my list of superfoods:

– All organic fruits and vegetables (conventional fruits and veggies are super too!)

– Grains

– Raw nuts

– Wild fish and organic, grass-fed meat

Blueberries are not only delicious, but contain lots of anti-oxidants that are good for you.

Blueberries are not only delicious, but contain lots of anti-oxidants that are good for you.

What superfoods are the most expensive?

The most expensive superfoods are usually those that are packaged. They are expensive because they are marketed as “super” and in the consumer’s psyche can command higher prices for their higher nutrition. They may seem more exotic, come from far away places, and have ancient histories. However, many of the benefits you get from uber expensive packaged and seemingly exotic super foods can also be found in more “regular” superfoods like wild fish, organic fruits and vegetables, and many spices and herbs.

Do superfoods really have more nutrition?

Superfoods are just a buzz word and don’t necessarily give you more nutrition than a well-balanced diet of healthy food all around. 

It seems silly to substitute a healthy diet of fruits and veggies and with powdered mixture of something they’ve labeled as a “superfood.”

Your body only needs a certain amount of nutrition and will not absorb a higher amount than is necessary. Consuming overly concentrated amounts of any vitamin or mineral will not help you “build a reserve” or anything like that. You will simply absorb and digest what your body needs and the rest will be removed.

Can you eat too many superfoods?

It’s not that you will eat too many superfoods — that isn’t the problem.  If you’re eating many superfoods, your body simply won’t absorb the added nutrients if it’s getting too much of them.

If you’re eating natural, unprocessed super foods… you will naturally have to stop eating before you start feeling sick. Your body has mechanisms in place for this. It’s a little more tricky if you’re consuming a powdered and more concentrated version of a superfood but in general, all you need to do is listen to your body. See how you feel after you consume any type of food and if it’s good and energizing, continue eating it. If it makes you feel sick, stop!

What Superfoods should I buy the most of?

You should buy superfoods that aren’t packaged and promoted as such — fruits and veggie that are considered superfoods but that aren’t jacked up in price.

The best superfoods usually don’t come in packages at all! By varying up what you eat daily, you will get all of the vitamins and minerals that you need since virtually everything that you put into your body will have vital nutrients.

Are superfoods good for your health?

Yes, superfoods are good for your health and you should incorporate them into your diet.  Natural foods with lots of vitamins and minerals are good for your health! You don’t need a fancy label to tell you that blueberries or rainbow chard are good for you. Their beautiful colors, textures and tastes speak for themselves.

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