Becoming a morning workout person is all about identifying and sticking to a routine that works for you.  It’s not easy to figure out the best way to get in consistent exercise in the morning, but with some useful tips and tricks, you can begin to build momentum and transform your mindset.  Let’s explore some great strategies and tactics for how to become a morning workout person.

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Exercise in the Morning: Act Don’t Think 

To get in consistent exercise in the early morning, you can’t allow yourself to think about it instead, you need to act on the impulse right away.  Often times, a person’s morning workout routine is impaired because they start to think: “Do I really want to work out right now?”  

Or a voice in their head may say “I’m tired today, maybe I will skip my workout.”  To prevent this, you need to have as little friction as possible in enabling you to forgo these thoughts and hop directly into your morning workout.

If you want to become a morning person and make your morning workout routine materialize effortlessly, you need to act.  Roll out of bed, take your shower, brush your teeth, and finish whatever else you need to before leaving the house.  These morning tasks should not take more than 30 minutes.  

If you’re accustomed to eating something before your workout, make sure you have it ready the night before so you can bring it with you out the door.  An impediment to getting into your morning workout quickly is often times breakfast prep.  Identify something that you can bring with you – like a piece of breakfast toast – and head straight out the door.

To Become a Morning Person, Prepare the Night Before

If your goal is to become a morning person and work out consistently in the early morning hours, you need to prepare yourself the night beforehand.  This means packing your workout bag the night before with everything you need: clothes, sneakers, iPod, and a towel.  

If you plan to take a shower at the gym, bring some flip flops, soap, and a shower towel too.  Make sure you have everything you need both for your workout and the transition into your day afterwards.

Preparation doesn’t just pertain to your equipment.  It also pertains to the mental as well.  The night before, visualize your morning workout routine.  See yourself pushing through the hard parts of your workout as well as how good and energized you’re going to feel throughout your day once you’re done.  

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Also, think about the timing and logistics of your morning workout routine.  How long will it take you to get to the gym, shower, get dressed, and make it on time to work or your other responsibilities.  Think about a realistic schedule for when you need to wake up, arrive at your workout, and make it to the first meeting of your day.  

When you have a clear-cut plan of action and an accurate time table for how to exercise in the morning, you will begin to find incredible consistency in your routine.  You will also go to sleep with less anxiety and peace of mind knowing that you will have plenty of time for everything you’re aiming to accomplish.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Yes, it may seem like a standard bit of advice bit and you’ve probably heard it before, but there is simply no replacement for a good night’s sleep if your goal is to become a morning person.  Waking up groggy and unrested will prevent you from finding momentum and consistency in a great morning workout routine.  

Your goal should be to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.  As we discussed above regarding preparing for your morning workout the night before, you also need to plan your evening ahead of time to facilitate a reasonable bed time.  

When you have a free moment during your day, think about what your commitments are for that night.  Are you meeting a friend for dinner? Do you plan on watching a TV show or sports game?  Do you have homework or do you need time to review work-related tasks?  

Portion out your time and then figure out what you need to do to get your head on the pillow at a reasonable hour.  The shut-eye will pay off the next morning when you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your morning workout.

Follow a Well-Structured Bedtime Routine

Part of getting a good night’s sleep is having a well-structured bedtime routine.  Your morning workout routine starts with your bedtime workout routine.  Wind down in the 30 minutes before bed time by reading a book, jotting down notes from your day, or writing out what you’re going to do for your workout the next day.  

Relieve your mind of the stresses from the day and get into a relaxed state.  Meditate for 10 minutes if that works for you.  By the time you shut your eyes, your mind should be clear and you should doze off effortlessly.

Mission Lean is founded in athletic roots, as co-founders Jon Pearlman and Lyuda Bouzinova both have backgrounds in peak performance.  Jon was a top athlete at Harvard and Lyuda was an ANTM and Wilhelmina model who performed on the runways in countless fashion shows.  Both of them know about the importance of visualization in reaching peak performance.  

Many high-level athletes spend the night before competition visualizing exactly how they are going to reach the height of their game.  If you’re serious about committing to the Mission Lean fitness program or another results-oriented program, visualizing your workout the night before should become a habit of your bedtime routine.

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Spend 5-10 minutes thinking about the workout routine and how you are going to push yourself through the tough moments.  Imagine how you’re going to get the most out of your body and then visualize how great you are going to feel about yourself post-workout not just from accomplishing your goals but also from the circulating endorphins.  Fitting in a structured visualization routine at bedtime will be instrumental in achieving your peak physical form.

Commit to a No- Equipment Morning Workout Routine

Part of sticking with a morning workout routine involves eliminating friction that might prevent you from following through with your goals.  Especially now during COVID, many gyms are closed or have limited patrons.  This is why finding a workout routine that doesn’t require any equipment is so important for becoming a morning person and getting in a great workout each and every day.

Mission Lean’s philosophy is rooted in the idea that you don’t need any equipment to get lean and build your best body. In fact, most gym equipment counters what you need to burn the most calories and train with a lean, functional approach.  

With 250+ On-Demand workouts that don’t require any equipment, Mission Lean is pioneering a lean approach to fitness where you work out with your own bodyweight and follow highly effective HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout routines.  

When you can do your workout in your home or in your backyard, you’re more inclined to stick to your morning workout routine and never miss a training session.  There’s no travel time, you can shower at home, and you can work out from the comfort of your own space – not to mention removing any worry about social distancing at a gym.

Furthermore, you can maintain access to your own refrigerator and prepare a healthy breakfast before you leave for the day.  Be sure to try out many of our free lean recipes that will further augment the results of your morning workout routine.

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Find Consistent Motivation to Work Out Early

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to help you wake up early and get right into your workout, think about how good you are going to feel after your workout.  You will be energized and in touch with your body.  You will feel like you have an edge for the day.  You will feel mentally sharper and any anxiety from work-related tasks will dissipate. 

Think about your lean body goals and how getting up each day is bringing you closer to them.  A couple of weeks of struggle, forcing yourself to get going, will be inconsequential to you achieving your biggest dreams with transforming your body.  In the beginning, it might be difficult.  

But sticking with it will enable you to build incredible habits that will translate to the rest of your life.  You will become mentally tougher.  You will soon find that you have an edge over the rest in terms of focus, stamina, and concentration.  Put simply, a great morning workout routine can work wonders for getting your life in the fast lane.

Don’t try to do it all alone though.  Committing to a lean body app like Mission Lean can help provide you with the guidance and motivation to get there.  Athletes always have coaches to reach peak performance.  

No top athlete ever arrived without an expert coach pushing him or her.  The same applies to you.  Accepting that professional assistance is necessary for you to achieve your physical peak will bring you closer to your goals.  

Whether it’s Mission Lean or another fitness app that you trust, accept the help and tap in to a library toof top-notch workouts that you can stick with.  Having an resource like Mission Lean in your corner will prove instrumental in finding the motivation and consistency for your morning workout routine.  Let’s do this! Mission: Lean!

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