how to wake up early - how to become a morning person

If you want to pursue a lean body routine, you need to wake up early to get your workout in consistently.

For years I didn’t know how to wake up early. I’ve always wanted to be a morning person and used to set my alarm to 6am every morning in college and grad school. Unfortunately for my roommates, I never woke up at that time and ended up snoozing the alarm for 2 extra hours… every day. Yet every night, I would still set my alarm to 6am thinking that tomorrow was going to be the day that I actually did wake up that early. It never happened until….. I started eating breakfast and doing my Mission Lean workouts regularly.

What can I change to wake up early more regularly?

If you want to wake up early and jump start your lean fitness, you need to have consistent routines in place.

The biggest thing that changed my ability to wake up early was starting to eat breakfast. Once I started eating a small breakfast every morning, it became easy for me to wake up early and fall asleep early. The workouts made me properly tired so I could drift off to sleep and recharge and rejuvenate my muscles. They also made me feel so good.

What is some lean body motivation to help me wake up early?

If you want some lean body motivation to help you wake up early and get right into your workout, think about how good you are going to feel on your lean workout routine.  You will be energized and in touch with your body.  You won’t be able to wait to get into your next lean workout.

When I first started, I would get into bed and couldn’t wait to wake up the next morning to do my workout (seriously!) My body naturally re-adjusted and knew to wake up so that I would eat a little something first thing in the morning, have an amazing workout to start my day and peacefully fall asleep around 10 every night. I don’t even use an alarm anymore and never worry about oversleeping.

You can you use a lean out app like Mission Lean to help you get onto a great wake up and sleep schedule.

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