how to wake up early - how to become a morning personFor years I didn’t know how to wake up early. I’ve always wanted to be a morning person and used to set my alarm to 6am every morning in college and grad school. Unfortunately for my roommates, I never woke up at that time and ended up snoozing the alarm for 2 extra hours… every day. Yet every night, I would still set my alarm to 6am thinking that tomorrow was going to be the day that I actually did wake up that early. It never happened until….. I started eating breakfast and doing my Mission Lean workouts regularly.

The biggest thing that changed my ability to wake up early was starting to eat breakfast. Once I started eating a small breakfast every morning, it became easy for me to wake up early and fall asleep early. The workouts made me properly tired so I could drift off to sleep and recharge and rejuvenate my muscles. They also made me feel so good. When I first started, I would get into bed and couldn’t wait to wake up the next morning to do my workout (seriously!) My body naturally re-adjusted and knew to wake up so that I would eat a little something first thing in the morning, have an amazing workout to start my day and peacefully fall asleep around 10 every night. I don’t even use an alarm anymore and never worry about oversleeping.

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