The best snacks for blasting fast are those that are single-ingredient, unprocessed foods.  Try to eat fruits and vegetables whenever you can.

If I want to get lean, should I snacking?

Yes, even if your goal is to get lean, you should be snacking so you have peak energy for your workouts.

Everybody sometimes gets hungry between meals, there’s no getting around it.   That’s why snacking in the right way and with the right foods will make all the difference for you to get lean, blast fast, and achieve your ideal body.  Try these 2 snacks that have helped me on my own health journey and start to shed extra weight immediately.

What are get lean snacks that will blast fast and get me lean?

Here are 2 great snacks that will blast fat and get you lean quickly. Start using them in your daily routine to skyrocket you to peak fitness.

1.)  Celery.  It’s easy to throw into your cart at the grocery store and even easier to wash.  Did you know that you spend more calories chewing and digesting celery than you actually get from eating it?  Sounds like a good caloric ratio to me. The goal of a snack is to get you to your next meal and the fiber in celery should do just that. Keep some celery close and grab a few sticks whenever hunger hits.  You’ll be snacking and burning fat at the same time. Not to mention eliminating cravings from the other processed snacks you might have had.

2.) Red Pepper. Red pepper will spice up your snack life because it’s not a typical item. It’s crunchy and filling, but has less calories than carrots.  Slice up some red pepper and throw it in a zip lock bag to carry with you. You’ll be happy you have it when your stomach starts to growl and you can avoid eating something unhealthy from the vending machine. An easy rule to live by is that healthy snacks don’t come packaged!

Your toned legs and flat abs are just a few healthy snacks away.  Start incorporating celery and red pepper into your snack life. You will lose weight fast and your lean body will begin to take form.  Six-pack life is just around the corner.


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