Tennis Workout

What is a tennis workout?

A tennis workout is a specific workout targeted for tennis players that includes all of the necessary components to tennis specific fitness — strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and tennis footwork.  You need structure your workout around these five main components if you want to perform optimally on the court and win as many matches as possible.

How does a tennis workout differ from a normal workout?

A tennis workout differs from a normal workout because you’re focusing on the exact fitness moves that will enhance your tennis game, as opposed to just going through random weight lifting and/or steady state cardio on a machine.  Ideally you will be working on footwork, speed, endurance and strength.  The Mission Lean app has a curated list of moves that have been selected from the best of the best by a top Harvard tennis player – and each move will work to improve your game directly.  Try our app or another one you trust to start reaping the benefit of a tennis workout.


What is the most important part of a tennis workout?

The most important part of a tennis workout is finding the right balance between your strength, agility, endurance, footwork, and flexibility moves.  Make sure your flexibility is handles at the start and end of your workout.  Start with dynamic stretching and finish with static stretching. Within the core of your workout, combine strength, endurance and agility.  Find 4 or 6 great moves, either on court or off court, that you can complete in a circuit.  Mix up strength, agility and footwork moves, going from one type of move into the next without rest.  If you limit your rest time, you will be benefitting from an endurance workout as well. 

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