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You can workout and get lean at your local gym, especially if you live in a cold climate.

Running at the Gym

Since moving to Florida, I try to run outside whenever possible and the result is that I’ve become much more lean and toned. But it was a cold and rainy winter this year, and so many days I had to move indoors to use the treadmill. The rise in my gym attendance allowed me to observe a very unique pattern I wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise, one I now refer to as the “Gym Schedule Phenomenon.”

Our building has a great gym, but there are only two treadmills there. Many times I would head for my workout on a rainy day, only to find that both were taken. Pretty soon I developed a certain anxiety every time I would open the gym door, not sure if there would be an open machine (jokingly, I called this “Treadmill Anxiety”).

But it wasn’t every day of the week that I faced Treadmill Anxiety. See, on Mondays, every single machine in the gym was occupied. On Tuesday, usually 60% were taken. By Wednesday, my Treadmill Anxiety was no longer there because NOBODY WAS AT THE GYM. Once the mid-week had arrived, the gym was completely free through the weekend, until the following Monday rolled around.

The Gym Schedule & Working Out On The Weekend

The Gym Schedule Phenomenon likely has to do with the fact that at the beginning of the week, people want to make up for the “unhealthy” things they did over the weekend. Drinking, restaurant meals, late nights out.

On Monday, the motivation to workout is strong. A day or two later, not so much.

When I worked in the Northeast, the week was such a grind that I would typically spend my entire weekend at the gym – working out and then slipping into the sauna, or enjoying a treatment at the spa. I wouldn’t dare have a sip of alcohol or eat an unhealthy meal because doing so would have ruined my good feelings during these precious off-days.

I would often schedule my off day for Monday, which was the busiest day at work. With this schedule, I relieved any potential stress and started the week off strong.

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Running on the treadmill will get you lean quicker than any other cardio machine at the gym.

The workouts over the weekend actually made me physically and mentally stronger for the long week ahead. Contrary to what you might think, doing exercise over the weekend – and shifting your off-days to the weekdays (when you have to be at work for long hours) — proved energizing.

Training on Saturdays and Sundays will also incentivize you to drink less on Friday and Saturday nights. Lower your inhibitions and increase your self confidence the natural way — through working out and improving your body.

All of your problems can be solved by working to create a HOT BODY. And working to maintain that body for many years to come.

A hot body will get rid of your social anxiety, insecurities, hesitations, and anything else that’s preventing you from getting yourself out of your shell and meeting new people.

Drinking to overcome these issues is the easy way out – and doesn’t last either. A hot body will also attract people TO YOU – so you won’t even need to break the ice most of the time.

Get Lean for Body Goals and Confidence

I say “hot body” here because I really just wanted to get your attention — but you have to remember that this is just external, easily seen by those around you. The golden reward that you will gain from living healthfully and investing in yourself is the improvement in how you feel in your own skin, along with confidence and strength that goes along with it.

The best way motivate yourself is to have a goal that you’re excited about. And to know that every time you train, you are working towards that goal. Your workouts will change forever once you start training to GET BETTER, not just to “spend time” working out. That’s how I was able to change my own trajectory, and the results have been huge.

Also, having a clear goal will give you purpose and confidence. You’ll begin to notice your body changing, and then you won’t want to skip any training sessions or do anything unhealthy when you have free time.


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