Gaining workout motivation is half the battle when it comes to finding consistency with your fitness program. However, there are many tricks that you can use to help you stick to your program and achieve a successful Lean Body Transformation. With a targeted fitness plan, the right frame of mind, and a willingness to put in the work, you can achieve some impressive results. Let’s explore how you can reach your best body.

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Commit to a Structured Fitness Plan

Think about a high-level athlete who is looking to reach peak performance in a competition. He or she has a team of coaches behind him/her to facilitate training, make sure the workouts are the best they can be, and guide this athlete to win. There is an incredible structure and backbone behind what the athlete is doing on a daily basis, with a very clear goal in mind.

If you’re serious about achieving an incredible Lean Body Transformation, which is our goal with all subscribers of the Mission Lean app, you need to latch on to a structured and well-thought-out plan. When you are confident in the road you’ve chosen to follow, your workout motivation will be high.

When you know that if you stick to X, Y and Z you will get results and when you truly believe in what you’re doing – just like an athlete trusts the coaches to help him/her win – you will have a desire to work out, eat right, and make optimal daily choices for a lean and fit body.

This is precisely why you need to carefully select the training program that guides you. A top athlete doesn’t win world-class competitions without a great coach, and, unfortunately, you cannot achieve an incredible physique without somebody knowledgeable pushing you along the way.

This is why the Mission Lean app – or another fitness app you know and trust – is useful in facilitating your transformation. Ideally, you follow a tried and true program for getting lean, toning up and keeping the weight off for the long run. With a powerful lean body app in your corner, you will have a huge advantage as well as the get lean motivation to accomplish your goals.

Lean In to Your Goals and Select an Optimal Fitness Plan

Before you commit to any fitness program, you need to sit down and determine: what is my ultimate goal with my workouts, nutrition, and health? This is the only way you can select the best workout and diet plan and ultimately build faith in what you’re doing on a daily basis.

Mission Lean is focused on getting you lean and fit – building great tone throughout your body from functional, dynamic, and primarily bodyweight exercise routines. We are the opposite of CrossFit, Athlean-X, or other workout programs that base their training around weight-lifting and bulking up.

Our workouts are derived from an athletic mindset and facilitate many of the same movements that a top athlete would perform on the field or court. Put simply: the Mission Lean program leans you down while building toned, functional, flexible muscle.

If your goal is to bulk up, build huge muscle, or get big from weight lifting, Mission Lean isn’t the program for you. You should go further in investigating other fitness approaches that match your goals. If you want to get lean and fit and build toned, functional muscle, then opt in to Mission Lean and begin your Lean Body Transformation.

Ultimately, get fit motivation stems from having a clear idea of where you want to head and an actionable plan to reach your goals. When you see the results coming, you will experience a circular feedback loop that fuels your motivation further.

Don’t underestimate the power of a guiding resource in your corner to build structure with your routine and the daily motivation to stick to your schedule.

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Focus on How You Feel as Opposed to How You Look

Gaining an improved external appearance is one of the goals of any workout plan, but when you begin to work out in the right way and eat healthy food as well you will notice a huge difference in the way you feel.

Workout motivation will come not just from your aesthetic goals, but also from the way you are feeling on a daily basis. You will maintain consistency in your training schedule and be propelled to eat more healthfully simply because you want to feel the best you can.

The golden reward that you will gain from living healthfully and investing in yourself is the improvement in how you feel in your own skin, along with the confidence and strength that goes along with it.

Therefore, it’s crucial to get in touch with your body and understand what’s working for you and what’s not. Start to figure out which workout moves make you feel your best and which lean recipes are giving you the most energy for your training.

The goal of Mission Lean is to provide you with the optimal harmony between your eating and workouts so that you’re eating for the way you train. It’s important not just to soak in your general improvement in mood, energy, and body sensations, all of which will come from a great fitness and nutrition plan. It’s equally vital that you pinpoint and recognize the foods and habits that are enabling you to perform at your peak in your workouts.

Nutrition and Fitness: A Symbiotic Relationship at Its Best

When everything is working in harmony and you are experiencing progress with your Lean Fitness Plan, motivation to work out isn’t hard to find. But how do you arrive at this harmony to begin with?

You need to select a program that is all-encompassing and that maintains a strong backbone and philosophy. This is why you can’t go on YouTube and pick and choose various workouts to do, and then Google “healthy food” and eat whatever first appears in the search results.

Creating your own fitness program in this way would be akin to an aspiring mathematician going online and trying to teach himself multivariable calculus. Just like a math student needs a professor, you as a student in lean fitness need an instructor to guide you towards actualization.

The Mission Lean approach is fully targeted at leaning you down, building toned and functional muscle, and facilitating athletic style workouts that raise your heart rate and build strength. The method is based on a clear vision with a solid goal in mind.

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Because of this, we provide you with a specific way of eating to fuel you for your workouts. If you commit to our 3-month workout and diet plan, each day you get exactly what workout to do as well as your three meals and snacks.

But the program is curated to match up your training with your meals so you’re achieving the perfect balance of macronutrients. You will feel energized and ready to power through your workout that day.

The goal of any workout plan is to provide you with feel-good sensations both in your workouts and your life at large. Feeling strong in your workouts and better more generally will be the get lean motivation you need to commit once and for all to your fitness plan.

Pacing Your Week: How to Maintain Peak Motivation

Think about the foot traffic of a gym to gain insight into how workout motivation fades as the week progresses. The foot traffic in a gym is strongest on Monday, when people want to make up for all of the unhealthy behavior they undertook over the weekend.

They want to work off their Friday and Saturday dinners, as well as the alcohol they likely consumed into the evenings. Tuesday you will probably see a good amount of people, but by Wednesday and Thursday, the gym begins emptying out. By Friday, nobody’s there.

To get lean and fit, you need to pace your week in order to maintain consistency with your workout schedule. This means getting in tune with yourself and being honest. Get lean motivation comes from sitting down and committing to a plan of action and figuring out realistic times when you can follow through with it.

Get In Your Workouts During the Weekend

One great strategy that works well is to work out on the weekends instead of the week. If you went out to dinner Friday or Saturday, you will benefit from counteracting any unhealthy food right away.

If you drank alcohol, getting a good sweat will help remove the toxins from your body and help you overcome any hangover you might have. Not only that, but if you get in your lean workouts on Saturday and Sunday, you can take off from the gym Monday and Tuesday when it’s most crowded.

Reversing your workout schedule to “off-peak” times will provide you with more space in the gym and further motivation to show up. Furthermore, work can often be incredibly busy at the beginning of the week and using those days as your rest days will provide you with more time and focus for work-related tasks. Hit the gym in the midweek again so you’re getting a consistent and full week of workouts.

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Prepare Your Weekly Meals on the Weekends

Healthy recipes are a huge part of the Mission Lean app because learning to prepare healthy food at home is instrumental to get lean and fit. In addition to optimally pacing your week of workouts, you should ideally meal prep on Saturday and Sunday so you have healthy food on hand all week.

Prepare a lean chicken roast or a mushroom salad, and keep leftovers handy for Monday and Tuesday so you have healthy food ready during the week. Get lean motivation comes from knowing you’re prepared for your week with a structured workout plan and healthy meals.

You Make Your Own Path

When you’re on top of things, it’s more likely you’ll stick to your plan and accomplish your goals. Free time you have away from work and other responsibilities needs to be invested into your fitness, meal prep, and recuperation so you can stay healthy and energized and power through your workouts.

With a lean body app guiding you along the way, you will be unstoppable in achieving huge results and getting the most out of your body. Commit to your goals and never look back. Let’s do this! Mission: Lean!


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