It’s time to upgrade to the HIIT workout.  This eBook will teach you the fundamentals of fitness specifically for the lean body. You will learn what types of exercises to focus on, workouts to avoid if you don’t want to get bulky, and how to efficiently burn fat while building lean, toned muscles. Plus, you’ll get the 3 building blocks for how to get lean for life.


Start on your path to being lean by first reading our introductory guide to nutrition. This guide covers how to get lean with nutrition and includes 6 of our favorite fat burning foods to include in your diet plan. Plus some tips and tricks you can start utilizing right now.

Six Pack Tricks Ebook

Learn the best tricks and secrets to get six pack abs fast in this easy-to-follow ebook!  You will learn the Mission Lean strategies for shedding belly-fat, building great ab muscle tone, and taking your fitness and nutrition to an elite level.  Once you subscribe to the Mission Lean method, introduced to you in this new ebook, you will never look back as you transform your body and achieve the physique of your dreams.


Get the app that knows how to get lean.


Get the app that knows how to get lean.