If you want to get lean and you want to know what to eat, here is your blueprint.

I usually start the day with a small breakfast. A normal breakfast for me is a piece of rye toast with avocado on it and half a piece of fruit like an apple or a banana. If I’m feeling particularly hungry or want to switch it up then I’ll eat some oatmeal instead.

Depending on how I feel, I usually eat breakfast after my morning work out. I only eat before if I wake up super hungry and need something in my stomach before I get going. I don’t drink coffee but sometimes have a cup of chai tea with my breakfast.

I like to eat my lunch about 3 or 4 hours after breakfast and for lunch I will normally have 2 cups of buckwheat mixed with a few cups of roasted or sauteed veggies. I like to add half an avocado for extra creaminess, texture and taste. You guys know how much I love avocado — I literally eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner. I usually am busy during the day with working on the App and other Mission Lean responsibilities so very often those roasted veggies are leftovers from dinner the night before. For dinner we also sometimes cook fish so if there’s any left over I will have it for lunch.

What Snacks Should I Eat to Get Lean?

If you want to get lean, you should eat healthy snacks throughout the day.  Snacking too much, however, may not be ideal if you’re on a lean fitness program.  Personally, I am not much of a “snacker” so I typically don’t eat anything between lunch and dinner. The days are busy so that’s why I try to make sure to eat a filling lunch. So that I don’t get hungry in between the meals. If for some reason I do get hungry, I will munch on some carrots or eat a ½  a piece of toast with avocado or ½ a cup of buckwheat with avocado to stay full and energized until dinner.

What Should I Eat for Dinner to Get Lean?

If you want to get lean, you should eat a healthy dinner comprised of lean meat, grains, veggies, and healthy fat like avocado.  I like all my meals, but dinner is the one I put the most effort into. In the evenings I like to relax and cooking is a great way for me to relax. So either me or Jon will make dinner. We eat the same things so it’s easy. The person who makes dinner is the one who is least hungry at the moment. A good dinner for us is some brown rice pasta with baked cod and roasted veggies. It takes about 15-20 minutes to prepare it. I add avocado ( because as you know I looove it). And if there’s left overs from the meal I eat them for lunch the next day.

What is a Good Dessert to Get Lean?

A good dessert to get lean is one that satiates your sweet tooth, but is light at the same time.

I eat dessert pretty much every night but the desserts vary greatly. Sometimes I just eat a frozen banana with some cinnamon. But a few times a week I like to have dried fruit with pistachios, brazil nuts, and almonds plus a few bites of dark chocolate. That way I have amazing energy in my workout the next morning and fall asleep peacefully and easily!

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