There is lots of conflicting information regarding a healthy breakfast — is breakfast important? Should you skip it? Should you eat a large breakfast? Here, we dispel the myths of breakfast specifically for people who are trying to get lean. And check out this video for extra tips.

Is eating a healthy Breakfast important?

A healthy breakfast is important… but how you decide to eat breakfast is up to you. If we consider that breakfast is the first meal of the day, it is then your choice when exactly you want to consume that first meal — whether it’s first thing when you wake up or later on in the morning after you’ve completed a proper workout.

What should I eat for Breakfast if I want to get lean?

The most important thing about breakfast is that you listen to your body and give it what it needs. If you’re not hungry, then you don’t need to eat anything more than just a bite.

Should I eat Breakfast before or after I work out?

The best time to work out is actually on an empty stomach before you’ve eaten so staving breakfast off until after your workout has been completed is a wise move. Then you can re-fuel your body for the day ahead with a healthy bowl of oatmeal mixed with nuts and dried fruit or avocado toast.

Why is a large Breakfast actually not an ideal way to start the day?

If you eat a large breakfast before your workout then you are just burning off the calories from the meal and not tapping into your body’s fat reserves, which goes against the whole point of the workout. You’re better off working out first to burn fat and then replenishing your body afterwards with a healthy breakfast.

Should you eat a healthy breakfast if you want to lose weight?

The most common reasons that people skip breakfast are that 1) they’re not hungry or 2) they are hungry but they don’t have time to eat anything. If you’re not hungry, then it’s ok to skip a very early breakfast and eat a little later on in the morning. If you know you’re usually hungry at breakfast time, then it’s best to do some breakfast meal prep and have something like an already prepared bowl of oatmeal or a piece of fruit ready to go.

What’s a healthy pre-workout breakfast when you don’t have a lot of time?

A quick, healthy breakfast is avocado toast. A small bite of this before your workout will give you some substance in your stomach, and you can finish off the rest once you’re done working out. Bread only takes a few minutes to toast and adding avocado to it adds delicious, healthy fats that will fill you up for hours. You can also place sliced apples, peaches or pears on your toast and add some cinnamon for a healthy version of a pastry. Avocado toast can be made at home or at the office with just a toaster!

We also talked to about other great hot (and healthy) breakfast ideas that you can make quickly. Check out the article here.


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