High protein foods are a great low carb snacking option if you’re on a get lean program and want to shed fat quickly.  But gauge how your body feels.  The healthiest snack depends on what your body needs at that moment. Sometimes your body needs a quick sugar fix in which case an apple or banana should do the trick. Sometimes it needs something more substantial and a bite of oatmeal with some nuts and dried fruit will be better. If you’re craving more than just sugar then it’s a good idea to have a healthy mix of carbs, protein and fat in your snack. That’s the best way to feel waisted and stay full.

What’s the healthiest snack to eat on a get lean program?

If you’re on a get lean program you should aim to vary your snacks, and not just eat high protein snacks.  Why? A high protein snack is not particularly filling. Having some carbs might do the trick for you, especially if your body is craving it (even if it’s just half a piece of toast or a bite of oatmeal) if you don’t want to feel hungry again in 20 minutes. If you are adamant about having high protein snacks that are also low carb, you could have some carrots with a few slices of turkey or a handful of raw nuts.

Best Healthy SnacksIf I’m looking to get lean, how often should I snack?

When you’re aiming to get lean, you want to limit your snacks to once or twice a day. You should snack only if you’re really hungry and there are many hours until you can sit down and eat your next meal. Make eating full, complete meals to satiation a priority and it’s likely snack attacks won’t happen to you anymore.

Should I eat a high protein snack before a lean fitness workout?

For lean fitness workouts, a high protein snack might not be the best option.  A carb snack fuels lean fitness because your muscles absorb glycogen that can be burned in the workout.

Should I avoid snacks before working out on a lean fitness program?

You shouldn’t avoid small snack before working out if you’re on a lean fitness program because you want to have enough energy for your workout. A small piece of fruit is best for a quick burst of energy without sitting in your Stomach and weighing you down. If you had a good workout, you probably won’t be hungry immediately after since all the blood has left your stomach and traveled to your muscles. But hunger is likely to come on 1-2 hours after a workout like this. If you can’t sit down for a meal at that time, have a snack to hold you over.


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