Eat healthy and clean. Get lean and fit. Tone up and transform your body.

Transform your body by eating a healthful dessert.

Mission Lean is all about getting you to reach your body goals.  To get toned and lose belly fat, you need to know these secrets if you want to lose weight and lean down for life.

Here are 2 great tricks for you to blast fat in your workout so you can lose weight quickly and get lean.

1.) 10 minutes of cardio before your gym workout.  That’s all it takes to warm up your body and get yourself primed for the fat-burning zone and… to stay in it all day long.  Get onto the bike or treadmill before you hit the weights, and benefit from a cardio and strength workout at the same time. Your heart rate will be elevated once you hit that first machine, and you’ll be burning significantly more calories for the rest of your workout.

2.) Eat Dessert.  It seems counterintuitive, but eating dessert will actually enable you to feel satiated and get the most out of your training.  Keep in mind, you don’t want to eat a portion that’s larger than your palm. But having some sweets after a healthy dinner will allow you to fall asleep soundly and wake up the next morning energized.  Mission Lean has many healthy dessert recipes to choose from that will allow you to blast fat and lean down. With the right sweets in your life, combined with a lean body workout routine, your ideal body will be within reach. Because you will be able to treat yourself frequently, you’ll never feel deprived and thus be able to sustain this way of eating for life.

Start leaning down now by including these two tricks to blast fast.  Let’s get leaner and healthier. If you need extra guidance or motivation, Mission Lean is here to help.