A “lean keto diet” is a counterintuitive phrase, because while the keto diet can get you lean in the short run, it simply can’t get you long run results when you’re training for lean body fitness.

Lean Keto Diet

A lean keto diet or the keto diet is another take on the Atkins low-carb diet, where you limit the intake of carbohydrates in favor of fats in order to get the body into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is the state where you’re burning fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates. But in order to get there, you need to eliminate carbs entirely and only eat fat.

If your goal is to look very lean for one specific day, then the keto diet might work to get you lean. However, if you are interested in getting lean, losing weight, and keeping it off for good then you will have to find a different approach.  It all depends on how you choose to train — the body-building way or the lean body way.  Maybe the Keto Diet can get you lean for a photoshoot if you’re following a body-building fitness program, but to get lean once and for all, you need to train for lean body fitness

Lean Keto DietLean Keto Meals

To get lean on keto, you don’t need to think about much because you’re simply restricting carbs and eating big protein servings and carb-free food.  This may work short run, but to get lean long-run, and for the rest of your life. keto won’t cut it.  You will have weight swings with Keto — after all, how can you sustain such strict restrictions forever?

When you follow a lean body fitness and nutrition plan, like we provide on Mission Lean, your meals need to be structured in reverse of what Keto tells you to do.  Carbs should actually be the backbone of your diet.

Will Keto Get me Lean?

Keto will not get you lean for the long-run because it’s not a sustainable approach.  To think about this and why, you need to think about your fitness plan and how that interacts with your diet plan.

There are two different approaches to fitness: lean body fitness versus weight-lifting fitness. The question comes down to: If you have 30 minutes to work out on a given day, what are you going to do? Are you going lift heavy weights, go for a run, or do a circuit of body weight exercises and plyometrics? How are you going to train?

Mission Lean is focused on getting you to work out for a shorter period of time, but at a high intensity, where you’re raising your heart rate throughout your workout through running or circuit body-weight training that incorporates moves that will keep your heart rate elevated. This is opposite to weight-lifting workouts where you’re lifting heavy weights and then waiting for long periods of time between sets.

Ideally, when you work out the Mission Lean way, you will raise your heart rate high enough that you reach an 80% maximal heart rate – otherwise known as the anaerobic zone.

Is Keto Healthy?

Keto is not healthy.  You have to remember that Keto is just the Atkins diet, re-marketed.  Yes, maybe you’re not eating eggs and bacon every day, like what Atkins told you to do, but the premise and approach is the same.  You want to eat a balanced plate and well-rounded diet for health — and this is what lean body fitness and nutrition, when pursued in the correct way, does

Coming back to lean fitness, and what we explained before — from a nutrition standpoint, when you are training at 80% of your Max heart rate — in this anaerobic zone– 85% of your consumed calories are from carboyhdrates, 14% is from fat, and 1% percent from protein. Therefore, lean body fitness is fueled primarily by carbohydrates. This is exactly why you simply cannot train with a lean body fitness approach, and be on Keto.

Glycogen stores in the muscles fuel anaerobic (lean body) workouts — that’s the essence of reaching the anaerobic zone. Keto and Atkins deplete all glycogen stores from the muscles. That is what Ketosis is: The body is burning fat because it no longer has carbohydrates to burn.   You cannot do anaerobic workouts – lean body workouts — on a Ketogenic diet

Lean body fitness is about giving you the carbs to train in the lean body way. Hence, the phrase “lean keto diet” is a nonsense term. You can’t be lean (long-run, that is – every day of the year and for years on end) and be on Keto.

Keto may work for a body builder looking to shed weight for a competition, but our goal at Mission Lean isn’t for you to be lean for a day, it’s for you to be lean FOR LIFE!