Why is Eating a Healthy Breakfast Key for Lean Fitness?

A healthy breakfast is key for lean fitness because it sets the tone for your day.  You want a breakfast composed of lean breakfast foods that can help you on your lean body transformation. It could help you manage your energy levels throughout the day, control your cravings, and eat better overall.  Eating the right breakfast foods is crucial for your lean body transformation.

What are the worst breakfast foods for lean fitness?

The worst breakfast foods for lean fitness are those that are heavy and will weigh you down. I’m talking about eggs, bacon, potatoes/hashbrowns. And even yogurt. You want to start your day light and energized! If you are working out first thing in the morning, you definitely don’t want to eat any of these heavy foods because you don’t want your body preoccupied with digestion. You want it to be able to perform a great workout. You can nourish your body with the food that it needs after you’ve worked out. And even then, it’s unlikely you will want to be eating bacon after a hard workout! If you’re not working out in the morning then you definitely don’t need all of that food and calories first thing in the morning. Eat light and have a substantial lunch later.

What breakfast foods facilitate a lean body transformation?

The breakfast foods that facilitate a lean body transformation are those that will give you energy but that are light.  For example, a piece of toast with some avocado and a piece of fruit. A few bites of oatmeal with a small handful of nuts and dates should give you plenty of energy to start your day. Basically, keep your breakfast light.

How does breakfast food impact lean fitness?

Breakfast food can impact lean fitness because if you don’t eat correctly before your workout, you will suffer. If you feel sluggish, you won’t have a great workout, simply said. If you don’t have a great workout, you will continue to feel tired and foggy the rest of the day. It’s a chain reaction. You want to start your morning off strong — set up your mood, energy levels and mental clarity for the rest of the day with a light breakfast and a great workout. When you work out, you want your body to be burning already stored fat anyways — not the calories from the food you just consumed. If you don’t feel great in the morning it’s unlikely you will feel better as the day goes on with it’s stresses and problems. So make the most of your mornings and start each one off right!

What are breakfast food that are bad for lean fitness but seem healthy?

The foods that seem healthy but are actually bad for lean fitness are pre-packaged options like granola and cereal. People think cereal is healthy, but most cereal products are loaded with added sugar and are heavily processed. Plus, there’s always some preservatives in there —- otherwise how would they stay on the shelf for so long? Not to mention, they never fill you up. Choose a bowl of home cooked oatmeal; it takes about 10 minutes to make (or less), and you can make it the night before and eat it cold with some fruit and cinnamon, or re-heat it if you prefer!

People also think granola bars and protein bars are healthy. But they are basically candy bars, remarketed. Would you start your day off with a Snickers? For the calories, you could have a big bowl of oatmeal with fruit and nuts. Way healthier, and just as quick to prepare if you plan ahead!

If you haven’t already, start using a lean body app to help your lean body transformation.  Mission Lean is a great option to start with.