If you’re looking for a lean drink to consume during your workout, don’t be sold on the Vitamin Waters, Gatorades, Protein Shakes, and all the other processed and sugary options out there. The leanest drink you can consume to lean you down fast during your workout has been around since the beginning of time….water.

Best Lean DrinkWhy should I drink water to get lean during my workout?

Drinking water during your workout instead of some processed alternative will help you get lean because you’re getting rid of many unwanted calories that you would have consumed in a so-called “lean drink.” If you drink a 0 calorie option, you’re ingesting processed ingredients that will harm your health, so forget about that option as well.

What should I drink during my workout to get lean?

If you want to get lean, you should drink water and eat fresh fruit alongside it for an added sugar boost. Bring an apple or a pear to your workout, and take some bites in between sets. This is the biggest lean body secret you will find on the Internet, because nobody will tell you this. They just want to push their product on you, which will counter your optimal health and fitness.

How do I get used to drinking water during my workout?

If you want to get used to drinking water, you can start by diluting the sports drink you had previously used with water. Make a half and half mixture.

Transitioning to only drinking water during your workout will surely take some time.  It may take a month or more before you’re feeling good, especially if you’re accustomed to fueling with a sports drink.  Naturally, you might need a sugar boost mid-workout. As we mentioned, gring an apple or pear with you and eat this at the moment when you feel a bit light-headed (if this happens).

What should I snack on during my workout for an added sugar boost?

Snacking on fresh, whole fruits and veggies is the way to go.  Veggies are better to eat for fuel before or after a workout, but fruit is best to consume for that added sugar boost mid-training.  Blast fat and lean down big time with this great trick. Sports drinks are heavily processed and contain many artificial ingredients. Just because the label might say “organic…”  it doesn’t mean that it’s good for you.

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