Get shredded abs by focusing your mind in the right ways.

Get shredded six pack abs by focusing your mind in the right ways.

What do I need to know to get a six pack?

Do you think getting a six pack is just about doing enough sit-ups and running enough miles? Or eating less junk food? There’s slightly more to it than that. You can actually train your mind to blast fat, lose weight, and achieve the lean body.  It’s all about combining the best HIIT workout moves, diet plans, and an optimal mindset –- and this last part is key because the mental habits are what will shape your ultimate result.

So how do you train your mind to help you get a six-pack?  Read on for the 2 tricks or watch our video below.

Focus on Getting A Six Pack

Eliminate distractions at the gym. When you go into your abs workout, you need to have tunnel vision. Basically, the minute you set foot in the gym, you are focused and nothing is going to stop you from getting in a killer HIIT workout.  Push yourself to maximum capacity. If you have your own moves, great – get them done in half the time. If you need a fat burning workout routine, then you’re in luck:  Mission Lean has the exact moves you need to blast fat, get ripped, and build a lean body. In terms of energy, if you’ve got it spend it all on your workout.

Six Pack Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

Train your mouth with your mind.  Begin by taking out foods that are adding extra calories to your diet. For example– dressings, mayo, and butter. Basically anything that is adding fat (especially saturated fat) without any nutritional value. And replace it with fat burning foods instead. Your mouth and mind will soon become trained to be satisfied on less.  Eventually, one day you may want to add a bit of dressing –- but you will only need a tablespoon to feel satisfied instead of dousing your entire salad in it.   By getting into the habit of eating with less add-ons, you will begin to lose weight quickly, lose belly fat, get lean, and live having your ideal body.

Begin training your mind and your six pack will come in no time.  It’s all about your mindset. With Mission Lean in your corner, there’s no stopping you from achieving the best body of your life!


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