The Keto diet isn’t particularly revolutionary. It’s pretty much just Atkins, repackaged. And it’s not a sustainable path towards achieving a healthy way of life and long-run fitness.

Looking Lean For One Day vs. Living Lean Permanently

Let's be logical, eating tons of butter and cheese can't possibly be good for your health.

Let’s be logical, eating tons of butter and cheese can’t possibly be good for your health.

Yes, restricting carbs will probably let you shed some weight quickly.   But the problem is that living a carb-free life for the long-run isn’t sustainable. Eventually, your body will cave and the weight you lost will come right back in a few days.

Staying lean forever is about having a logical plan of action and a long term strategy. That’s why you shouldn’t cut out major food groups. You should focus on eating nutritious foods in the right portions. This is the exact formula that will get you on a long-run path towards reaching your best body ever.

What the Europeans Are Doing Right To Stay Lean

Think about the way of life in Europe, and what the typical diet in countries like France, Italy and Spain is like. Baguettes. Croissants. Pasta. Their diets are pretty much all carbs. But the obesity rates in Europe are lower than those in the United States!

Our co-founder Jon lived in Spain for several years when he competed on the professional tennis circuit. He noticed the European diet was in fact a balanced diet (which included lots of carbs) and kept the Europeans lean. But it wasn’t just what they were eating that was giving them these results — it was the way they were eating it and when they were eating it, too.

If you want to get lean forever, don’t fall for the diet du jour. Eat wholesome, unprocessed foods for most of your meals. Building healthy habits for life is the only way to get the long-term results you want.