We recently talked to Elite Daily about the supermodel Karlie Kloss leg workout routine. She shared a couple of her favorite moves. And we concur, these are amazing exercises for building the long, sexy, toned physique of a Victoria’s Secret Model: 

Karlie Kloss Leg Workout #1: Lateral Lunges

Lateral lunges are a great move because they are toning your quads, hamstrings, glutes and inner thigh muscles. This is very important for walking the Victoria’s Secret runway. It is important to add side to side moves in addition to regular (front and back) lunges because it makes your entire leg stronger and capable of deftly moving in non-linear directions which is functional and important for a healthy body overall.

I would bet that Karlie Kloss is also using a “slider” to complete her lateral lunges because it adds an extra element of resistance which makes both legs work harder and appear more toned after completing the exercise. By adding extra resistance, she is working the stabilizing muscles as well as the inner thigh muscles more intensely since she is working them the entire time. Using a sliding motion is effective for somebody who is looking for their legs to look  long and toned (like a runway model) versus a more bulky muscular look that you might achieve from doing regular weighted lunges.

To perform a lateral lunge start with legs hip width apart. Step out with your right leg to the right and bend your right knee while keeping the left leg straight. Try to go as low as possible with your “seat” without allowing your knee to go past your toes. Return to starting position and do on the other side. To add in the sliders, simply slide out your foot instead of stepping it out.

Karlie Kloss Leg Workout #2: Toe Lifts

The toe lift is also another good exercise that Karlie Kloss uses because it works the entire leg to tone the muscles without bulking them up. To perform toe lifts, get into the position of a wall sit and then proceed to alternate lifting your heel and toes. The wall sit component is an isometric hold on your hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves, and adductors (much like the lateral lunge.) This type of exercises burns the longer you hold it… and if your legs start shaking then you know it’s working! Adding in the toe lifts, makes the whole exercise more difficult and tones your calves more as well.

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