A model legs workout is based around strength moves that will tone your whole leg, from calf to thigh, but that also raises your heart rate enough to facilitate fat-burning well after the conclusion of the actual workout. Let’s explore.

Model Leg WorkoutsModel Legs Exercises

Model Legs exercises to tone your thighs, calves and glutes have to include lunges and squats.  These are the basic leg moves that you can get anywhere, but they are simply a part of any model legs workout.

The trick here is to make sure you incorporate other exercise moves, and work other parts of the body, in between your leg moves. When you move from one exercise into the next without rest, completing a series of 6 different moves, let’s say, you are able to keep your heart rate elevated throughout your workout while at the same time toning your leg muscles.

Model Leg Proportion

The model leg proportion is unique because models have slender legs but maintain good muscle definition and tone.

To achieve this, go from a leg-based strength move, to an ab-based move, then back to a leg-based move, and then to an arm move. Alternate one leg move with one other move that focuses on a different part of the body.

Also, for a model leg workout, try to make the squat and lunge more advanced by doing squat jumps and lunge jumps instead of the simple move. These moves are what are considered to be plyometrics, and are more advanced but will also work wonders for leaning down your thighs and getting you to have supermodel legs.

Model Leg Workout

As part of a model leg workout, you need to run, there’s simply no way around it. Look at any supermodel out there–their legs are lean and toned. The fastest and best way to get there is to opt for the treadmill.

If you have some time in the gym to allocate to cardio, skip the elliptical and the bike, and head directly to the treadmill. Getting in a great run pre or post workout will allow your legs to take supermodel form, not to mention generally boost your cardio so you’re burning fat all day long. Who knows, you might get a six pack first before your legs take perfect shape!

Your model leg workout should include a running pace that’s mildly uncomfortable and try to sustain that pace for at least 15 minutes. If you can get in a 20 minute run, it’s even better.

Combining an intense run with a strength session right after is best. You’ll be gassed by the end, but doing so will work wonders for your