A Victoria Secret workout is one that targets a model physique and should involve full-body toning exercises as well as a cardio burn. Victoria Secret models are lean, slender, and toned with flat stomachs and low body fat percentage. If your goal is to achieve a Victoria Secret body, your workout should match.

Victoria Secret Workout

Pursuing random fitness exercises without a plan will not give you the Victoria Secret body. You need to subscribe to a model workout plan, one that specializes in facilitating a lean, slender, toned physique. The Mission Lean app is one of the few fitness programs that offers a model workout plan, and we will now delve into our expertise in how we get our subscribers the Victoria Secret body.

What Should I Do for a Victoria Secret Model Workout?

If you’re wanting to follow a Victoria Secret workout, you need to combine toning exercises that target the key areas of the body: legs, butt, abs, and arms. But going about a workout routine that isn’t structured will prevent you from arriving at the Victoria Secret body. Let’s explore how you can follow a workout that will effectively get you a model physique.

The most important part of your Victoria Secret workout strategy should be to target these four key areas – legs, butt, abs, and arms -in a routine of 6 to 8 exercises that you perform continuously, moving from one exercise to the next without rest. Start with an arm exercise, and then move right into an ab exercise.

From there, move into a butt exercise and then follow that up with an exercise targeting your abs. The idea is that you rest one part of the body while working on the other, but because you’re not actually stopping your workout, your heart rate stays elevated throughout the entire training session.

Follow a Targeted Victoria Secret Workout Plan

Try the great Victoria Secret model workout outlined below, that is performed in the accompanying follow along video by Mission Lean founder, former America’s Next Top Model, and Wilhelmina model Lyuda Bouzinova.

The model fitness program on the Mission Lean app has been created and curated by Lyuda—who has over 10 years of experience as Wilhelmina and ANTM model—and so if you’re looking for more model workouts download the app and explore the vast offerings.

The Victoria Secret workout, outlined below and in the video, follows the strategy for model workouts that is outlined above. When you train with this method and if you start consistently following the routine we provide you with here—at least two or three times per week—you will begin to see your Victoria Secret body taking form.

To get a Victoria Secret body you need a targeted model workout plan, the determination to get a model body, and initiative to consistently complete these workouts several times per week.

Perform the six moves below in the order provided, moving from one move to the next without rest. Complete each move for 30 seconds. After you’ve completed the full routine without rest, take a two-minute break. Complete 3 or 4 sets, depending on your fitness level, but work your way up to 4 sets.

  • Arm Swings
  • Russian Twist
  • Snap Jumps
  • Toe Touches
  • Walking Lunges
  • Bicycles

This Victoria Secret workout is a great one to start with. It will get your heart rate elevated, get you great tone throughout your body, target the key areas of the body that are key for model fitness, and give you a great cardio burn at the same time.

What is Different about a Victoria Secret Workout?

You have to keep in mind that for a Victoria Secret workout, you can’t just go through each area of the body, do one exercise for it, and expect significant change and a Victoria Secret body. Your workout needs to be harmonious and integrated.

For a full-body workout that includes a powerful fat-burning effect, you need to pursue a workout plan the tackles every angle of fitness: strength, tone, flexibility, agility, power, and aerobic endurance.

The Mission Lean model workout program aims to do exactly that, and it’s precisely because of the need to target multiple angles of fitness that getting top results isn’t guaranteed with any random fitness program. You need to follow a specific workout plan that targets the Victoria Secret body.

Lyuda Mission Lean

When you create a workout routine of 6 to 8 moves, and you move through this routine without rest (only resting once the full set of exercises is complete, before completing a second and hopefully third set), your heart rate will stay elevated throughout the entire training session.

Ideally, your workout is intense enough that you get your heart rate up to 80% or more of your maximal heart rate. It’s in this high heart rate zone that you can burn significant calories, torch belly fat, and burn off other fat throughout your limbs so you can expose your Victoria Secret body and allow it to take form.

This is what differentiates a Victoria Secret workout from other workouts: the combination of effective workout moves in a single and continuous routine that gets your heart rate up and keeps it there.

Victoria Secret Butt Workouts: An Introduction

If your goal is to tone your butt and achieve a Victoria Secret body, you need to choose the top and most effective butt moves that top models are following. When you think about “butt” moves, you need to think about toning your legs more generally. There are many great “butt” moves that will tone your butt and the rest of your leg—especially the upper muscles of the leg like the quads and hamstrings.

Therefore, when you’re compiling a workout plan for a Victoria Secret butt—yes, you can incorporate the traditional exercises for the butt that you’ve probably seen in many workout videos, such as “sidelifts” and “kickbacks.” But you can’t neglect the staple workout moves of any leg routine, such as squats, squat jumps, lunges, and lunge jumps.

The Mission Lean model workout plan provides you with dynamic and functional training, so most of the moves are movement-oriented and incorporate full-body training. You will be training with movement in mind, and this is key to any Victoria Secret workout program because you have to remember that these models are aiming to perform in photo shoots and on the runway.

Lyuda Working Out Near the Pool

At the end of the day, they need to be loose, limber, agile, and properly coordinated. Many butt workouts offered out there provide you with static moves, where you isolate the butt with a specific lift lying down on a matt. That’s fine to do, but really only as a supplement to a more dynamic and functional workout program.

Snap Jumps, Walking Lunges, and Bicycles, all included in the Victoria Secret workout above, are great examples of the type of dynamic moves we’re talking about. All of these are movement-oriented and raise your heart rate, which is great when your goal is to shed fat, build great tone, and train for performance.

How Do Victoria Secret Models Work Out?

Victoria Secret models follow a workout that is both functional and dynamic. Because a Victoria Secret model needs to perform in photo shoots and on the runway, their training needs to facilitate a lean, slender, toned, and functional physique.

Victoria Secret models don’t train with heavy weights, but primarily follow bodyweight exercises and toning moves with light weights. Cardio output is also a huge part of a Victoria Secret workout because Victoria Secret models need to maintain a low body fat percentage and keep fat off their midsection. Have you ever seen a Victoria Secret model without flat, toned abs?

Running is also a huge part of any Victoria Secret workout plan. Running is a great supplement to bodyweight exercises and light weight toning moves because you can burn off unwanted fat and expose muscles that might have not been visible. Running also builds up endurance so you can power through long sets of high-intensity interval training (HIIT training).

Victoria Secret models conquer fitness from all angles, which is why they are Victoria Secret models. They are at the top of the game, and they need to perform at their peak. You can consider a Victoria Secret model to be a top-tier athlete, and in many respects they eat and train like athletes.

It’s nearly impossible to climb to the height of the fashion industry, and therefore the routines of Victoria Secret models are complex and well thought out. The Victoria Secret workout is one piece of the puzzle and must be supplemented with the proper diet as well.

Lyuda at the Gym

 How Can I Get a Victoria Secret Body?

When you combine a Victoria Secret Workout with an effective eating plan of healthy whole grains, lean protein, healthy fat, and fruits and veggies you can instigate significant change and ultimately arrive at a Victoria Secret Body.

Remember to train with dynamic and functional workouts, the type we’ve provided to you above and also offer on the Mission Lean model workout app. Be sure to maintain a structured diet, one where you’re only putting in calories into your body that count towards achieving balanced nutrition. Avoid snack foods, soda, and other empty calories.

If you’re determined and your goal is to achieve a Victoria Secret body, you can do it! Implement the many pointers and secrets we’ve covered in this article and if you need more help along the way, seek out a model workout plan like Mission Lean to guide you along your journey.


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