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We recently talked to Elite Daily about the supermodel Karlie Kloss legs workout. She shared a couple of her favorite moves. And we concur, these are amazing exercises for building the long, sexy, toned physique of a Victoria’s Secret Model

But Karlie herself is quite a forthcoming person when it comes to her routine.

It’s not easy getting a straight answer out of famous models when asked about their routines or diets. They tend to give those vague and slightly dishonest answers about the secrets of their beauty and health. And you can’t blame them.

But we all know that the path to such well-toned and lean bodies is not easy. Such a beautiful physique is not just the result of drinking a lot of water, even though plenty of models will have you think that a small trick like that does the job. Sure, different things work for different people, but if you really want to develop a lean, slender, toned body you need to follow the proven routines that supermodels like Karlie Kloss follow.

The truth is that all supermodels work out and pay attention to what they eat for every meal. Sure, genetics do play a part, but genetics will only get you so far.

Karlie Kloss was honest enough to share her routine and workout regimen. It’s not at all surprising, given how down to earth and straight up amazing she is. Thanks to our lively discussion with Elite Daily, we were truly able to get the whole picture on how Karlie Kloss achieved such a well toned body and legs.

Let’s dive into what this Victoria’s Secret model and former ballet dancer had to say about fitness and health. 

We’ll start with the diet.

What Karlie Kloss Eats in a Day

Healthy Salad

In case you didn’t know, Karlie Kloss is a vegetarian. And while she doesn’t eat meat, she understands the importance of protein for staying energetic.

So it’s no surprise that she likes to start her day off with an egg-white omelet and avocado. She’s no stranger to Tabasco sauce, either. 

Alternatively, she enjoys a protein shake for breakfast. Sometimes, she opts for oatmeal or just some fresh fruit with yogurt. She emphasizes the importance of eating whole foods and admits to preferring almond milk to regular milk.

It seems like there’s a lot of variety there. That’s because her diet varies based on her schedule. For example, if she’s getting ready for a Victoria’s Secret show, she opts for a high-protein diet to get the energy boost she needs and works out a lot.

According to Karlie, she cares about being strong, not skinny. Her beauty comes from within, and it’s a result of taking care of herself, working out, and eating a healthy diet.

That’s why you need to know Karlie’s diet before you try a Karlie Kloss workout. 

Karlie Kloss Legs Workout and Fitness

Let’s first discuss what Elite Daily shared with us. We mentioned that the workout they revealed to us is amazing for health and fitness. So, get in position for some lateral lunges and toe lifts!

Karlie Kloss Leg Workout #1: Lateral Lunges

Lateral lunges are an excellent exercise that involves a decent number of your muscles. They tone your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and inner thigh muscles. 

This is very important for walking down a Victoria’s Secret runway. It is important to add a side to side movement (in addition to regular, front and back lunges) because it makes your entire leg stronger and capable of deftly moving in non-linear directions which is functional and important for both the runway and a healthy body overall.

It would be safe to say that Karlie Kloss is most likely using a “slider” to complete her lateral lunges because it adds an extra element of resistance.  A slider makes your legs work harder and appear more toned after completing the exercise. 

By adding extra resistance, she is working the stabilizing muscles as well as the inner thigh muscles more intensely since she is working these the entire time of the move.

Using a sliding motion is effective for somebody looking to get their legs to look long and toned (like a runway model) versus a more bulky muscular look that you might achieve from doing regular weighted lunges.

To perform one of Karlie Kloss’ lateral lunges yourself, here’s how to do it: Start with your legs hip-width apart and then step out with your right leg to the right, bending your right knee as you do this while keeping the left leg straight. The goal is to get as low as possible in your seat without letting your knee go past your toes.  

Return to the starting position and do it on the other side. To add in the sliders, simply slide out your foot instead of stepping it out.

Karlie Kloss Leg Workout #2: Toe Lifts

The toe lift is also another good exercise that Karlie Kloss uses because it works the entire leg to tone the muscles without bulking them up. 

To perform toe lifts, get into the position of a wall sit and then proceed to alternate lifting your heel and toes. The wall sit component is an isometric hold on your hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves, and adductors (much like the lateral lunge). 

This type of exercise burns the longer you hold it… and if your legs start shaking then you know it’s working! Adding in the toe lifts makes the whole exercise more difficult and tones your calves more too.

When you feel the burn, you’ll know you’re doing it right. That’s exactly what you need to feel in order to get the lean and well-toned legs of a model.

Lateral lunges and toe lifts are a great place to start if you’re looking to hack the Victoria Secret leg workout regimen. But that’s only the beginning.

Running and Ab Workouts

Karlie Kloss Running

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A Karlie Kloss workout consists of quite a bit of running.

She loves to run and outlines the importance of running for good fitness. It’s a well-known fact that she finished the New York City marathon, and is getting ready for another one.

On top of that, she likes to run for at least an hour per day and end with a set of ab workouts. It wouldn’t be unusual to see her running around the city, since she doesn’t mind the outdoor run when not in a gym.

Switching It Up and Doing Pilates

If you want a real Karlie Kloss leg workout, you need to know that she loves to switch it up.

For example, if she’s doing cardio one day, she’ll work on her strength the next. 

When it comes to cardio, she prefers high-intensity SoulCycle-like workouts for maximum burn. And she’s really big on pilates-type strength workouts.

While plenty of people still tend to doubt the effectiveness of pilates, Karlie knows how truly valuable pilates-type strength training is. She adds more fuel to the fire using rubber bands to isolate certain muscle groups and strengthen her legs and arms even further.

Don’t be surprised that Karlie’s a big fan of slow, yet highly-focused exercise. After all, she’s a student of celebrity trainer Justin Gelband, who still trains many models in the industry to this day. Many of the moves on the Mission Lean app will point you in the direction of this type of training. If you’re lost and need direction right away, download the Mission Lean app and get going with our “No Equipment” 20 Minute Workouts.

Other Aspects of Karlie’s Good Health

Karlie Kloss doesn’t work out for the sake of runway shows alone. She claims that fitness is a huge part of her life, and has been for the longest time.

In other words, fitness for the sake of fitness and health is what makes Karlie what she is.

Her supermodel workouts are a huge part of her beauty and her high position among Victoria’s Secret models. Besides her love for fitness, the key to her amazing health is also a healthy diet.

And just like the rest of us, she’s not immune to stress. She gets rid of stress in one of the best ways possible: boxing. 

But more than anything, Karlie places a high priority on getting proper sleep. There’s no good health without getting plenty of sleep and making sure you’re on a good schedule of bedtime and wake-up.

Beauty Starts from Within

In her own words, “beauty starts from within.”

It’s the state of being happy with who you are, but also taking care of yourself and enjoying a healthy diet. 

We could say that a proper mindset is also a part of a Karlie Kloss workout.

Love yourself, love fitness, and put quite a bit of effort into it, and you’re sure to see the changes happen.


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