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1 Beet

1 Sm. Piece Ginger

1 Apple

1 Frozen Banana

4-5 Brocolli Florets

2 Leaves of Chard

  1. Wash and peel uncooked beet and ginger.
  2. Wash apple, broccoli, and chard.
  3. Chop up all vegetables and place into blender (Vitamix is ideal.)
  4. Add water and ice, and blend. Drink immediately.

This sweet & spicy smoothie is such a beautiful magenta color, you’ll want to just stare at it. But don’t wait too long and enjoy the flavors (and nutrition) of this superfood smoothie before they evaporate.

Among their many other benefits, beets are good for your heart, brain, and digestive system. Mix this power food with others like ginger, broccoli and chard and you’ve got yourself a super smoothie. The apple and banana add a healthy dose of sweetness to the mix.

The ginger adds a little extra kick to the anti-inflammatory benefits of this drink.