Probiotic foods are fermented foods — things like kimchi, sauerkraut, and even kombucha! All of those foods happen to be Mission Lean approved and are some of my favorites. Other natural sources of probiotics include yogurt and kefir.

Why Are Probiotic Foods Important for a Get Lean Program?

Probiotic Foods are important for a get lean program because of their benefit to gut health.  This has been a hot topic lately and probiotics are a great way to ensure your gut stays healthy. You can get the benefits of probiotics by consuming the right foods and don’t need to resort to taking supplements that are often heavily processed and unnatural. At Mission Lean, we are all about getting your nutrition from your food and not falling for any marketing gimmicks or diet fads. Hippocrates said let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. So let’s talk about what foods will help the health of your gut. There are tons of probiotic foods that are so good for you and taste delicious as well.

As for how often you can eat probiotics, you can eat probiotic foods every day. It’s important to vary up the types of foods you’re eating for your general digestive health so if you eat kimchi one day, try some pickles on the side the next day. The variety keeps things interesting and provides lots of the different healthy bacterias that you need.

How Should I Include Probiotics on a Get Lean Program?

You should included probiotics on a get lean program because they will enable you to positively influence your gut health and also give you variety in your diet. The most important thing is listening to your body and seeing how it reacts after eating different types of foods. For example, be aware if you feel bloated or your stomach gets upset after eating yogurt (or any other food) and adjust accordingly. Sometimes you just need a smaller portion, but sometimes it’s best to avoid the food altogether.

Are Prebiotic Foods Beneficial to Lean Fitness?

Prebiotic foods are beneficial to lean fitness because they are usually fruits and vegetables that will only add to the health of your diet.  Prebiotic foods are fibers and natural sugars — foods like onion, lentils, and banana.

They sound so similar! Prebiotic foods support probiotic foods and work together to create a healthy environment in your gut. Again, it’s important to eat all types of foods (as long as they’re whole and unprocessed) and consuming both probiotics and probiotics should help you feel healthier overall.


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