How To Lose Weight & Stay Lean For Life - MotivationLosing weight and keeping the weight off is a battle you want to fight once, win, and move on with the rest of your life living inside your lean, healthy, enduring body. You don’t want to lose weight only to put it right back on as soon as you slip from your gym routine or diet.

Every time you put the weight back on and have to lose it again it gets harder and harder (not only because you’re messing with your metabolism) but because it becomes a mentally insurmountable task—what’s the point of putting yourself through this if you’re just going to have to do it again in 2 months.

It’s all too common that somebody will get to their goal weight, stay there for a few days, and then quickly start gaining all of their weight back. Circumvent all of the traditional weight loss rhetoric and get lean once and for all.

1)   Build the lean body. The way you feel inside of a strong, flexible, agile, lean body is enough to never make you want to go back to your old habits. Once you know what it’s like to feel strong and powerful in your workouts (because they’ll be short and intense,)  never be hungry (because your appetite will be naturally suppressed through your high-intensity workouts,) and not depend on any unnatural supplements (like caffeine, energy drinks, or alcohol) because you will feel great without them, you will likely want to do everything in your power to continue feeling this way.

Luckily, if you’ve built the lean body with cardiovascular fitness and developing lean, functional muscles, you will only need to maintain that state with short (some no more than 15 minutes,) high- quality workouts where you can burn maximum fat, skyrocket your metabolism, and incorporate a high level of fitness into a normal/busy life schedule. No spending hours at the gym every day, no protein powders, and no confusing diet rules. Just training your body at your peak fitness level and being in tune with what it needs for nourishment and rest afterwards. Lean body fitness will enable you to sustainably achieve an incredible physique with minimal time invested, while reaping the benefits of incredible fitness, health, and looking and feeling your best.

2)   Understand that your new weight is a new way of life. If you’ve gotten to your weight by using the lean body approach, you should be feeling better than ever – stronger, more energized, confident, and in control of your eating and sleeping. If you’ve used an extreme diet to get to your new weight, like a 10 day juice cleanse or cutting out all carbohydrates, accept that you will gain the weight back and try a more sustainable approach the next time around (go back to Step 1 and build the Lean Body.)

To stabilize at this new set point, you must continue to exercise every day, eat healthy meals throughout the day, and get enough rest every night. These habits all work together holistically. You can’t focus on one without managing the others because they all work in tandem. Continually repeating the habits will make them automatic and this truly will become your new way of life.

3)   Get comfortable being uncomfortable in your workouts. Working out is all about quality over quantity. A 25 minute Mission Lean (or high intensity) workout will rev up your metabolism (so you’re burning fat all day long), control your appetite, and naturally manage your energy levels throughout the day (so you aren’t on a cycle of coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol but instead can wake up easily, live your day happily, and fall asleep peacefully.) High intensity training may seem difficult at first, but don’t let the discomfort stop you. Pretty soon, you’ll begin to love that endorphin high after a great workout.

4)   Don’t live hungry. Eat clean, and to satiation. If you are training your body at a high intensity and avoiding unnatural stimulants and supplements you should be able to trust your body to eat as much as you want (of whole, unprocessed foods.) The high- intensity workouts will suppress and regulate your appetite. But it’s important to stay away from processed foods and other things that obscure your body’s natural full/hungry signals because this causes the hormones that regulate your appetite and energy to get out of whack.

5)   Always warm up and stretch after each workout. Many people quit or are forced to stop their workout routines because they hurt themselves. A lean body, is one that is injury and pain free. Because the actual workouts are intense, you must be properly warm before you start (jog 10-15 minutes at a fast pace) so that you feel lose and limber and don’t pull or strain any muscles. After the workout, spend 10 minutes stretching (the trick is to have a stretching ritual/routine that you do every time) because this will cool down your body and prevent any stiffness or pain from developing so you’ll be excited to get into your next workout when it’s time.

6)   Stop falling for fitness and diet fads. Once you build the lean body, which is enduring, you won’t need to constantly worry about managing your weight. A strong foundation of lean, functional muscle lasts you a lifetime and doesn’t disappear as quickly as the bulky muscles that body builders develop. That’s why it’s common for them to look ripped one month and totally out of shape the next. Meanwhile, lean athletes always look lean and athletic. Even if they haven’t been training for a few weeks. Eating clean removes insatiable and unhealthy cravings from your life entirely and helps you to not sabotage yourself. Once your lean body is working as an entirely different system, you’ll be able to see that each new fad is just noise and instead, you have a strong, fit, healthy body that will last you for the rest of your life.  

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