These lean body secrets will get you to lean down quickly and stay lean sustainably. There are 2 components to achieving this goal- HIIT workout fitness and nutrition. Your workouts must be high intensity and your nutrition needs be be all about clean eating. There are 2 specific things you can do that will help you to achieve your lean body goals. Start incorporating them to lose belly fat, lean down, and get some sexy, toned muscles. Check out the video for more details here.

What are some lean body secrets for fitness?

The #1 lean body secret for fitness is to focus on HIIT training when you work out.  The HIIT (High intensity interval training) workout is instrumental in transforming your body into the lean body. Upping your heart rate while strengthening and toning your muscles increases your metabolism and creates the after burn effect which allows you to burn fat long after you’ve stopped working out.

Why is HIIT a great secret for lean body fitness?

HIIT is a great secret for lean body fitness because many people don’t train in this way, and instead focus on a weight-based training approach with too much rest between sets. You want to train intensely and with a high heart rate, something body building and heavy weight workouts don’t facilitate. 

How Should I train if I want to get a lean body?

Mission Lean workouts are structured to give you the best fat burning exercise moves for people who want to know how to get lean.  One of our secrets is that we limit rest time between moves and sets, so your heart rate stays elevated and therefore you’re benefiting from a great strength and cardio workout at the same time.   If you have your own routine at the gym, use the Mission Lean strategy to get even more out of your workout by cutting back the rest time between moves just a bit more.  In this way, you won’t just get the flat stomach and lean legs, but you’ll spend less time at the gym! You’re getting fitter while making your days more productive.

Achieve your lean body with the HIIT workout and clean eating.

Achieve your lean body with the HIIT workout and clean eating.

What is a lean body secret for nutrition? 

If you want to get a lean body, the best secret is to eat clean.   Prepare many more meals at home with single ingredient foods.  That means eating out less. What you can do to make a difference is prep at least one lunch for yourself each week.  If you’re not in the habit of bringing your own lunch with you from home, aiming to have at least one lunch a week from your own kitchen is a great start.  Make a fresh salad or some healthy grains alongside a piece of lean protein. Pack it up in a Pyrex container and you’re ready to go. Getting into the habit of preparing your own meals will enable you to eat clean, get lean, and stick to healthy and nutritious recipes.


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