If you’re on a get lean plan and are traveling, you want to stick to your routine even when you’re away from home so you continue to burn fat.  Many people complain that one of the biggest obstacles to achieving their get lean goals is their travel schedule. When you’re traveling, you are out of your routine, in a new and often unfamiliar place, without access to the tools you believe are necessary to keep you lean. However, that’s not entirely true. Yes, eating clean when traveling is incredibly tough, but when you have a few tricks to keep you lean, you’ll benefit from increased fitness and lean gains no matter how much or how often you’re out of town.

What’s a Great Tip to Get Lean on the go?

If you’re on the go but also on a get lean plan, prepare your food ahead of time.  Simply pack up a healthy meal for your first bite on the go.  Inevitably, you are going to be forced to eat relatively unhealthy food at some point on your next trip.  But if you get in one more home-prepped meal the day of your travel, which you can pack up and take with you, you are giving yourself the best chance for staying lean and toned during your trip. Instead of there being a snowball effect and a “f*ck – it” mentality once you’ve already eaten one meal off your plan, you will know that you are realistically doing your best by controlling all the factors that you can.

What are good foods to bring with me so I can stay lean?

To optimize your get lean plan, combine hearty carbs with veggies, fruit and avocado. What you can do is pack up a healthy sandwich on some filling, high-density bread (Mestemacher bread is a great option and one that is included in the Mission Lean program).  Or prepare a pyrex container with some buckwheat, avocado, and salmon salad.  Another great option is to pack up freshly cut vegetables that you bring with you in a ziplock — carrots, cucumbers, peppers, and celery.  Or, bring some dried fruit and nuts in a bag.  

Nobody can be perfect at every meal, but stack what you can in your favor.  You will lose unwanted belly fat, tone up, and build lean muscle when you pay attention to the details and make small changes.  Focus on what you can control, and take that one extra step – one you might not have done in the past.

It’s time to lean down.  Focus on your Mission and benefit from the results.  Mission: Lean.


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