Here at Mission Lean , we are all about teaching you sustainable strategies for you to lean down, blast fast, and achieve your perfect body goals.  The headline of this post is actually a trick question – there is no “best sports drink” because the best sports drink in the world is actually water.

Transitioning to only drinking water during your workout will take some time.  It may take a month or more before you’re feeling good, especially if you’re accustomed to fueling with a sports drink.  Naturally, you might need a sugar boost mid-workout. Bring an apple or pear with you and eat this at the moment when you feel a bit light-headed (if this happens).

Snacking on fresh, whole fruits and veggies is the way to go.  Veggies are better to eat for fuel before or after a workout, but fruit is best to consume for that added sugar boost mid-training.  Blast fat and lean down big time with this great trick. Sports drinks are heavily processed and contain many artificial ingredients. Just because the label might say “organic…”  it doesn’t mean that it’s good for you.

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