Workout for tennis players

What are some good workouts for tennis players?

Good workouts for tennis players combine strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and tennis footwork.  You need to tackle these five main components in your workout, and ideally find the perfect combination so you can perform optimally on the court.  Because tennis has so many different movements, combined with the need for quick movements, endurance, and strength – you need to make sure your workout problem tackles all arenas.

How Should I Work Out as a Tennis Player?

If you’re a tennis player, you want to work out to combine strength, endurance, speed and agility all at the same time.  The goal should be to create a routine of 4-8 fitness moves, depending on your fitness level (go with more moves if you’re more advanced, and cut it shorter if you’re just starting) and move from one move to the next without rest.  However, what moves you do it the key to a great work out for a tennis player.  Make sure you’re following a program like Mission Lean that has the best of the best in terms of focusing you specifically on tennis movements and fitness.


What is most important in workouts for tennis players?

Workouts for tennis players need to mimic the on-court movements you will need to follow on-court.   That’s why picking the right exercise moves is so important to maximizing your workout for tennis.  One great approach to tennis fitness that has gone overlooked by the mainstream fitness in industry in the “on-court” workout.   This is a workout that can be done by yourself on the court, without a balls or a hitting partner.  You can get a great workout on court by doing specific movement drills, plyometrics, footwork, and strength. 

We have many great on-court workouts on the Mission Lean app, and we pride ourselves on being one of the premier apps for tennis fitness.  Download the app today and start with a 7 day free trial to try out some of our workouts. You can also check out our free Tennis Fitness eBook.


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