Get on the treadmill and turn on your favorite show. It will help you run longer and enjoy your workout more overall!

Get on the treadmill and turn on your favorite show. It will help you run longer and enjoy your workout more overall!

Watching TV causes weight gain, everybody says.  But maybe it can be the reverse.  When you watch TV at the right time, alongside exercise, you can actually lose weight!

When you think about watching your favorite TV show, you will probably feel relaxed and happy. But if you want to take your fitness and lean body to the next level, you should use your favorite TV show as a tool to get fit instead.  

Watch TV to Motivate You in Fitness

Our Mission Lean workouts combine cardio with strength-based training so members lean down, blast fat and build that shredded, toned physique that they’re looking for.  A lot of people, however, find it hard to get motivated to do cardio regularly. And although it may be painful, it is a vital component of leaning down.

You can incentivize yourself to do cardio each week by coordinating your session with your favorite TV show (or just watch it on demand the next morning if it’s scheduled later at night.)  Knowing that your appointment with your weekly program revolves around a great cardio session will get you motivated. You will begin to associate the pleasure of watching your show with the activity of running (or other cardio) and eventually you will begin to feel that happiness and relaxation when you think about your run. The time will pass quickly and you’ll be one step closer to your six pack or toned legs… whatever is your idea of the perfect body.

Use an iPad or iPhone to Watch TV during Your Workout

If you have an iPad or iPhone, program your weekly show and bring it with you — or just schedule your workout when your go-to news hour or sitcom is broadcasting.  Zone in and pump it out. Lose belly fat, lean yourself down, and get your six-pack while you catch up on your weekly TV show at the same time.

We know that most people think that cardio isn’t fun –- but if you’ve got a structured and creative program to follow like Mission Lean, then you’re far more likely to complete your cardio workouts.  This will allow you to lean down and get toned, while still getting the most out of life and enjoying yourself.


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