Fat burning workouts like cardio workouts, ab workouts, and full body workouts that utilize HIIT are the most effective for weight loss and getting rid of belly fat.

Starting your workout with just 10 minutes of cardio will help you burn more fat and get quicker results in transforming your body.

There is one thing that you can do for just 10 minutes at the beginning of your workout that can make all the difference in your results. This is one of the greatest life hacks when it comes to being more efficient in your workouts. Seems simple enough, but this doctrine hasn’t become mainstream. For some reason, few people do this… but if they did, they would blast fat, get toned, and transform their body and workout forever. What is this game-changing life hack that I am talking about? 10 minutes of cardio!

Cardio will help you burn more fat overall and get lean.

The 10 minutes of cardio secret is the #1 trick that I discovered while competing as a top tennis player at Harvard and that allowed me to take my body to the next level.


Why is starting HIIT and any other workout with cardio so important?

First, you will be fully warmed up before any training moves, which will right away eliminate risk for injuring yourself. Secondly, your body temperature and heart rate will be elevated, and so you’ll reap additional benefit from any strength moves you complete. You’ll be getting in a strength and cardio workout at the same time — in this way you can lose weight, get toned, and lean down all at once.

How can I “life hack” my way to doing more cardio?

Starting the workout with your cardio ensures that you’re getting in your cardio at each and every workout. Most people save cardio for last and then don’t get it in. Don’t fall for this mistake. Start with cardio and reap the benefits of your lean body transformation. It’s only 10 minutes after all.


What if I absolutely hate cardio workouts?

If you think cardio is painfully boring or you have no idea how to get started you can try some of the Mission Lean workouts. We make getting lean and building toned muscle and six-pack abs as clear and accessible as possible with our programs. We see our members building healthy habits and seeing the results that they’ve always wanted which makes me believe that change is possible for everyone, even those who “hate” cardio or have never done it in their lives.


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