Tennis Drills

What are the best tennis drills?

The best tennis drills work to up your performance on court by making you move sharper, more efficiently, and with better footwork.  The best tennis drills are those that incorporate and mimic the exact movements you will need in a match so they become second nature.

What tennis drills should I do?

The tennis drills that you follow should combine some form of strength, agility, endurance, footwork, and flexibility.  Most people think that tennis drills only include the hitting of a ball, but actually the best tennis drills are ones you can do by yourself, without any balls, partner, or even racquet.


What tennis drills should I start with?

Start with tennis drills that you can do alone on the court – working on tennis specific movements that will make your footwork more efficient and your movement crisper.  Mission Lean has many great tennis drills that you can do on-court, so you can get to your game 15 minutes early and complete our routines.  You will gain a great edge on your sluggish opponent who arrives at the start time.  You will be warmed up and ready to go and will have a great edge.

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The on-court workout has been overlooked by most tennis coaches and even the broader fitness industry, which has failed to provide tennis players with specific fitness moves to enhance playing ability.   Make sure your flexibility is handles at the start and end of your workout.  Start with dynamic stretching and finish with static stretching. Within the core of your workout, combine strength, endurance and agility.  Find 4 or 6 great moves, either on court or off court, that you can complete in a circuit.

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