Supermodel LegsTo get supermodel legs, you need to maintain a balance between your strength moves and your cardio. You want to build toned, athletic muscle, but also lean down your thighs and calves to have that slender, supermodel look.

Here are some tips to get Supermodel Legs right away:

Supermodel Legs Workout

To start with your supermodel legs workout, get in a great 10-15 minutes of cardio.

Opt for the treadmill or stationary bike, and get in 10-15 minutes of intense cardio.   Your body will be geared to go and your legs should be warm and ready to go for your strength moves.

Starting your workout with cardio will also elevate your body temperature and heart rate right away, which will give you an additional benefit for any strength moves you complete afterwards.

Next, you are going to get into your strength and toning moves.

Supermodel Legs Exercises

Complete 6-8 different strength and toning moves, where you move from one move into the next without rest.  After your series, take a break for 1-2 minutes and then complete your next series.  Aim for 3 series total.

To focus on getting supermodel legs, complete a leg move, like squat jumps or lunges jumps (you can choose from the hundreds of legs moves we offer on Mission Lean — or simply pick your favorites) and then one on to an exercise for another part of the body (let’s say abs).  Then go straight back to another leg move. So you’re focusing on the leg moves by going back to them every other move.

Supermodel Legs Moves

Our favorite supermodel legs moves are the lunge jump and the squat jump. These are plyometric moves and they appear throughout the many workouts we offer on the Mission Lean app. The lunge jump will tone your quads and the squat jumps will tone your thighs and butt.

Combine these moves with your favorite ab or upper body moves, and move from the lunge jump right into one of those moves.  Then move back to the squat jump.  Then again to an ab or arm move.  Then back into lunge jumps and repeat.

Supermodel Legs Diet

To lean down your legs quickly so they’re supermodel lean, you want to control your appetite and only eat when your hunger is pressing. Take note of how hungry you actually are.

If you wait until your appetite is pressing, you will recalibrate your body and condition it to eat only when it needs to.   Start off by recognizing you are hungry, but then waiting an additional hour or two until you actually eat. Maybe grab yourself an apple, pear, nectarine, or peach at the moment when you feel your stomach growling, instead of going straight in for a full meal.

By waiting until your appetite is pressing — but not having your meal until a little longer and nourishing your body with a piece of fruit – you will be tapping into fat stores and training your body to run on less. If you’ve completed a solid workout with the cardio and strength we just touched upon, you will well on your way to supermodel legs.

Supermodel Legs dieting is more about controlling your hunger and appetite than necessarily about what you eat.  Although picking healthy, nutritious food will only help your efforts.  Check out Mission Lean for some great lean body recipes you can start eating right away!