If you want to get lean, you need to avoid foods with added calories and excess fat.  There are a few types of food to avoid when you’re eating out at a restaurant in particular.

If you are always in control of preparing your food, then you know everything that goes into in, how it’s cooked and how much nutrition and calories are contained inside. If you’re eating out frequently however, it’s very difficult to figure out that type of information precisely. Of course you can estimate, but you may be significantly off.

Some Lean Body Motivation: Foods to Avoid

You’re searching for lean body motivation and you’ve come to the right place — these foods will curtail your lean workout efforts if you eat them.

You can make healthier choices when eating out and at home. Specifically, here are the 3 main things to avoid:

Fried & Deep- Fried Foods

Frying is not a healthy method of cooking. It involves A LOT of oil (and often the oil that is used is not healthy.) There are usually meal options prepared in healthier ways that you can opt for.

Butter & Sauces

Asking to place sauce for any of the dishes on the side is a quick way to immediately save hundreds, if not thousands of calories. You can still use some of the sauce if you wish, but you don’t have to eat your dish smothered in it. Simple food tastes best. If you’ve been eating clean, you will want to taste the flavors of all of the whole ingredients without the additional fat, salt or sugar in the sauces.

Soda & Alcohol

These are not adding any nutrition to your body. Avoid these completely if you can.

How Can I Avoid Foods that Will Stop Me From Getting Lean?

If you’re looking to get lean, you need to build momentum in your journey.  Cravings are what stop many people from getting away from these foods.  But you need some time away from them until the cravings dissipate.

Depending on how often you eat out, these changes could add up pretty quickly and help you see improvements in your body (and face!) Our clients always mention how their faces stop being puffy after cutting out extra sugar and alcohol. Try it out yourself and send us the before and afters!


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