Lean Body Transformation

A body transformation is a concerted effort to lose body fat, build muscle, and improve metabolic function. If your goal is to achieve a lean body transformation, you need to focus on following a lean body program that will get you results. Let’s explore the primary methods of Mission Lean that have successfully helped hundreds of people achieve their goals.

How Do I Enact a Lean Body Transformation?

If want to know how to get lean, you need to follow a lean body program that tackles the three primary categories of a body transformation: fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. To successfully achieve a lean body, you need to revamp your routines in every possible aspect in order to maintain lasting results.

The easiest and quickest way to jump-start a body transformation is to get yourself on a consistent schedule of lean workouts. “Lean” is an important word here because you can’t just follow any workout routine. The types of exercises and the manner in which they are arranged, as well as the structure and rest time of the routine, are critically important for a lean body program.

Think about a pro athlete or anybody who is looking to achieve a high-level result in the physical realm. To do this, you need a coach—somebody who is an expert in the area in which you are looking to make this big breakthrough. That’s why if you’re serious about understanding how to get lean, and following a lean body program to actually do it, you need expert guidance.

That’s why a lean body app like Mission Lean is instrumental in pointing and guiding you in the right direction—just like a top-level fitness coach would guide his or her athlete towards peak performance.

What Are the Best Foods for a Lean Body Program?

Healthy Food Oatmeal

The best foods for a lean body program are single-ingredient, whole foods that have little or no additives and that are cooked simply, such as baking, boiling, and steaming.

Whole, single-ingredient foods are fruits, veggies, grains, lean meat, nuts, and seeds. To boost your progress you need to begin shopping on the periphery of the supermarket as this is where these whole foods are located. Usually, when you enter the store, you hit the fresh produce aisle with many fruits and vegetables. Start filling up your cart here, as this will be the mainstay of your lean body program.

You can then begin filling up your cart with lean protein and fish, such as chicken breast, wild-caught fish, and lean meat. In the beginning, youwill benefit the most from a diet that includes fish over chicken and meat, but once you shed your initial 10 pounds you can begin to spread your diet out.

Fill up your cart with whole grains, such as brown rice, buckwheat, and quinoa. Including slow-releasing, whole grains will be a must for achieving your goals. You need to get all the macronutrients onto your plate for a sustainable lean body transformation. Going to the extreme—such as eliminating a major macronutrient like carbs, as proposed on many fat diets like the Keto Diet—will never enable you to achieve lasting results.

What Are the Best Workouts for a Lean Body Transformation?

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The best workouts for a lean transformation are those that effectively combine cardio output with strength and toning exercises. If you are going for a lean body, your goal should be to build muscle and tone, but also torch fat at the same time.

This can only be achieved through a targeted lean body program that prescribes you circuit-based exercise routines that raise your heart rate enough to enact physiological change within your body. Random exercises that you might find out YouTube or Instagram are better than nothing, that’s true, but if you’re serious about a lasting transformation you cannot get there without an expert and a proven lean body program in your corner.

An app like Mission Lean, that provides you with the exact workout routines you need, will be essential in you achieving a lasting result.

Before you begin any lean body circuit training program, you should start your workout with at least 10 minutes of intense cardio exercise to torch belly fat and warm up your muscles. Once you begin to strength train, your body will already be warmed up from the cardio and you will burn more calories during your strength training because your body heat will be elevated.

Then, get into some of our favorite lean body exercises: squat jumps, lunge jumps, burpees, mountain climbers, and kangaroos (check out another great blog post on how to lean out that gives you a great Mission Lean workout to jump-start your lean body transformation).

What Are the Best Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Get Lean?

When you follow a lean body program and are serious about your fitness goals, you need to supplement your workout and diet modifications with improved lifestyle habits. As we discussed earlier, you can only achieve a top result by coming at your lean body program from all possible angles.

Start eliminating alcohol from your life. Ensure you’re getting enough sleep (8 hours is ideal). Start drinking water instead of soda and other sugary drinks. Make sure you are following a proper stretching program so you stay loose and limber for your workouts. Get a massage whenever possible.

All of these adjustments may seem small when viewed in isolation, but you have to remember that it takes a 360-degree approach to successfully achieve a lean body transformation. Combining all of these components into one major targeted plan should be the goal with any serious lean body program—and it’s exactly what we do on the Mission Lean fitness app.

How Can I Change my Mindset to Help My Body Transformation?

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To achieve lasting results you must change your mindset once and for all. Altering your mentality will be one of the biggest challenges in your quest to get lean and fit for life.

In approaching your life, you need to think about optimizing performance. Start asking yourself important questions for getting the most out of yourself on a daily basis.

How can I perform best in my workouts? How can I get the most out of my body on a daily basis? How can I make sure I have healthy food on hand when I get hungry? How can I make sure to get enough sleep tonight?

Once you begin asking and answering these questions, and successfully make the changes necessary to maximize these components of your life, your body transformation will begin to take form. Ideally, you want to get to the point where you no longer need to cognitively ask these questions. You want to arrive at a level where you’re making the optimal choices instinctively.

How to Get Lean with Peak Performance Thinking

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To get lean and enact a successful body transformation, you need to start thinking of yourself as an athlete. Your mentality needs to shift to start maximizing your workouts and nutrition. Your ultimate goal should be to achieve peak performance—each and every day.

Pretend that each workout that you complete is an athletic competition. Your lean body program, therefore, is made up of small competitions along the way. But just like athletes prepares themselves for matchday—with proper sleep, nutrition, and self-care—you need to also prep yourself for your workout. Everything that surrounds your “competition” (i.e. your workout)–in terms of your lifestyle habits needs to be high-level and contributing to you getting the most out of yourself.

If you’re truly committed to a lean body program, you should be selective and studious about how you approach your diet and exercise. Don’t take anything for granted. Read up and do your research. We are confident in the effectiveness of the Mission Lean program, based on the hundreds of people who have followed our workouts and eating strategies and achieved top results.

But still don’t take anything at face value. Explore other options and make an educated choice about which fitness program is best for you. Regardless of what you choose, make sure you commit fully to what you’ve decided to embark upon. Think of yourself as an athlete striving for peak performance. Supplement your workout efforts with the proper modifications to your lifestyle and habits.

Use a Lean Body App to Assist You in Achieving Your Fitness Goals

If you want to achieve a lean body in the long run, you need a coach in your corner to guide you onto the right path. You can only reach a top-level transformation with a proven program and expert coaching.

The Mission Lean app provides you with a highly effective lean body fitness program that took over a decade to develop and that has gotten hundreds of people top results. Don’t waste your time with a program that isn’t targeted for lean fitness. Commit to your lean body transformation and see the results take form! There’s no more time to waste. Let’s do this!


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