A get lean transformation is a concerted effort to lose body fat and build muscle.  You will achieve a lean body aesthetic that is powerful and lasting.  To do this, you need to eat lean body foods and follow a lean out workout that torches body fat.

What are the best foods for lean fitness? 

Lean fitness will come about from combining whole, single-ingredient foods, with a get lean workout program.  Whole, single-ingredient foods are fruits, veggies, grains, lean meat, nuts, and seeds.  You should aim to make a well-balanced plate and whenever possible, prepare your food yourself with less oil and salt.  Limiting salt will decrease your bloat and allow you to shed excess weight.

What is the best workout for a Get Lean Transformation?

The best workout for a Get Lean Lean Transformation is one that effectively combines cardio output, with strength exercises.  You need to build muscle, but also torch fat at the same time.  Ideally, you should begin your workout with 20 minutes of intense cardio to torch belly fat and warm up your muscles.  Once you begin to strength train, your body will already be warmed up from the cardio and you will burn more calories during your strength training

What should I do if I want to embark on lean fitness journey?

If you’re interested in lean fitness you should be selective and studious about the diet and fitness programs that are out there…and choose the one that will get you lean results quickly.  Ideally, you should follow along with a lean body app that will guide you along your get lean transformation journey.  You want a lean body app that will combine the right workouts with the ideal foods to lean you down right away, and keep you in that state for a long time to come.  Check out the Mission Lean app for great workouts, recipes, and a focused fitness calendar to lean you down.  Let’s do this!

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