If you’re on a get lean diet you should eat simple, single-ingredient and unprocessed foods – primarily fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, and lean meat and fish

What To Eat On A Get Lean DietIf I want to get lean what should I cook?

Your foods should be simple on a get lean diet and you should prepare fast meals that are nutritious.

A simple meal is a meal with some healthy grains (rice or buckwheat), some raw veggies, and a piece of lean protein.  Add in an avocado for some healthy fat too.

These are 3 components to a complete, healthy, fat-burning plate. You can cook this lean meal at home and enjoy these simple flavors to cleanse your palate so you’re craving simple, whole ingredients.  You won’t be wanting highly-caloric sauces and dressings if you begin structuring your plate around nutritious, whole ingredients.

How should I eat if I’m on a get lean diet?

It’s not just about what you eat on a get lean diet, but how you eat too.

Wait Until Your Appetite is Pressing – and then push out your meal an hour or two later by snacking on a piece of fruit.

Grab yourself an apple, pear, nectarine, or peach at the moment when you feel your stomach growling.

By waiting until your appetite is pressing — but not having your meal until a little later and nourishing your body with a piece of fruit – you will be tapping into fat stores and training your body to run on less.

This is how you can burn fat between meals without logging extra work outs.

If you are looking for more instructions on exactly what and how to eat, Mission Lean provides you with a plan for eating clean by giving you healthy recipes that will blast fat, lean you down, and get you toned in no time.  Explore our site and blog posts some more to begin taking your lean body to the next level.


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