There is no "best" bar. The best pick me up energy snack is fruit. Grab some strawberries and enjoy!

There is no “best” bar. The best pick me up energy snack is fruit. Grab some strawberries and enjoy!

The best “energy” bar is…no energy bar at all.  Energy bars aren’t good for you. They’re processed and full of synthetic ingredients.  Fitness and weight loss companies have used the “energy bar” to simply sell you more product. Product that isn’t helping you get lean and reach your peak fitness.

What’s the best replacement for an energy bar?

Use a banana or piece of fresh fruit instead.  Eat nuts or dried fruit.  Even a a piece of 85% dark chocolate.  These are single-ingredient foods that are whole and nutritious.  That is what you should focus on eating to power your workout.

Why is Mission Lean agains the Energy Bars?

Mission Lean is about teaching you sustainable strategies for you to lean down, blast fast, and reach your fitness and body goals.  The answer to this question is simple — no bar will help you get lean. You need to be snacking on whole, single-ingredient, unprocessed, REAL foods instead.

Bring a piece of fresh fruit along with you for the day.  An apple or banana is great. You can also bring fresh veggies with you in a zip-lock.  Slice up some celery, carrots, cucumber, and peppers. Eating whole fruits and veggies when you would have eaten a processed granola bar instead will allow you to lose fat quickly, reach your body goals, and be healthier overall.

If I have no choice, what bar is the best?

If you absolutely must eat a bar and don’t have access to fresh, whole fruits and veggies, opt for one that will quench your craving at that particular moment.  It doesn’t really matter – “all bars are created equal.” If you’re going to have one, just pick whatever it is that you’re eyeing and move on with your life. Make sure the next time around you have a pear or nectarine on hand instead.

If you’re still confused, Mission Lean gives you everything you need to know to blast fast, shed weight, and get into the best shape of your life.  Sometimes, all you need is a little guidance and some extra motivation.


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