How To Do A 30 Minute Workout & Burn More Than 300 Calories

If you want to get lean, you can do a high intensity 30 minute HIIT workout to jump start your lean fitness.

If you are short on time but still want to get in a great sweat session, then try this 30 minute workout together with the tips for how to do it most efficiently.

\You can do this HIIT workout at home, outside or in the gym. This type of workout is functional fitness at its best because you will be working your heart, all of your muscles in a functional and healthy way, and you’ll be able to complete it quickly.

Your 30 Minute HIIT Lean Out Workout Starts Now

Your 30 minute HIIT lean out workout should be timed with your eating, so that you are doing it on an empty stomach, or close to empty.  You will do a warm up routine, and then a series of high intensity moves.  Are you ready? Let’s start getting lean.

6 Steps for Your Lean Out Workout with HIIT

  1. Do the workout on an empty stomach. It will keep you light and because you’re not exercising for an extended period of time, the energy already stored inside your muscles will be sufficient. You will be able to work your muscles without your body exerting extra energy to digest your food. Also, the food won’t weigh you down and you will be able to do the high intensity moves much more easily.
  2. Warm up — run fast. Get your heart rate up. First do a jog for 2-3 minutes and as soon as you feel warm, run quickly (at a 7-8 difficulty on a scale of 1-10) for about 5-10 minutes. This will get your heart rate way up (so you burn tons of calories in the moves that follow) and get your body warm (so you don’t get injured.) TOTAL TIME: 10 Minutes
  3. Do 2 sets of high intensity moves that work the whole body. You’re already 10 minutes into your 30 minute workout and it’s time to up the intensity. You can start with free Mission Lean workouts like  Flat Abs & Toned Arms or Killer Inner Thigh Workout. A good number of exercises inside of a set in the workout routine is about 6-8 moves and each move should take you between 30-60 seconds to complete. So each set will be less than 8 minutes. The sets in the videos above are 5-6 minutes each. TOTAL TIME: 12 Minutes
  4. Take VERY short breaks in between sequences and NO BREAKS at all between the moves of your sequence. You break between sequences should not be any longer than 2 minutes. This will ensure that your heart rate stays elevated and you are burning extra calories during your workout. TOTAL TIME: 2 Minutes
  5. The most important thing is keeping up the high intensity. Your goal should be to exhaust yourself. In terms of energy, if you’ve got it spend it. Leave everything on the gym floor. Working out at the highest intensity revs up your body’s metabolism so not only are you burning major calories while you’re in plank (since your heart rate is higher than it would normally be) but you will be burning extra calories and body fat for the rest of the day after your workout! Basically, less time spent working out can actually work in your favor to burn way more fat. TOTAL TIME: 24 Minutes
  6. Don’t forget to stretch! Spend the remainder of the time (about 6 minutes) stretching your muscles and cooling down. This is very important if you want to stay healthy and injury free. TOTAL WORKOUT TIME: 30 Minutes. 

30 minute workout completed!

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