Fresh mint tea to get lean.

Drink fresh mint tea to get lean.

Are you ready for some great fitness tips on how I got lean and transformed my body?  Mission Lean is focused on leaning you down and getting you that toned, lean physique. Start with these 2 tips.

Opt for the Treadmill to Jump Start Your Workout

1.)  Opt for the treadmill.  If you have some time in the gym to allocate to cardio, skip the elliptical and the bike, and head directly to the treadmill.  Getting in a great run pre or post workout will allow you to get a flat stomach, lose weight, and generally boost your cardio fitness so you’re burning fat all day long.  The next time you head to the gym, get in the best workout you can by opting for the treadmill and getting in as many minutes as you can. Push yourself and allow that six-pack to take form.


Drink Tea to Lean Down

2.) Drink tea.  Having a cup of hot tea after a meal will improve digestion and provide you with healthy antioxidants.  A cup of tea after a meal is a great trick to rapid weight loss because you will likely cut your eating short to save room for it.  Plus, you can sit at the table with friends and family for longer without the munching. At your next dinner, try it out. Take a smaller portion and then extend the dinner by serving some hot tea all around.  You’ll be socializing, enjoying your meal, and getting leaner at the same time.


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