Tennis Strength Training


What should I do for tennis strength training?

Tennis strength training is specific because you want to build muscle, but also maintain quickness and speed, especially if you’re mid-season of planning to play a match in the coming days.  If you want a great strength training workout but want to stay sharp on the court (lifting heavy weights a few days before a match will definitely slow you down – so you want to avoid that), choose to do plyometrics and body-weight moves to up your game.

What are the best strength training moves for tennis?

The best strength training for tennis involves exercises that will mimic tennis specific movement, such as lunges, bends, and tennis specific footwork.  The Mission Lean tennis workout aims to do just that, and we pride ourselves on focusing on the “on-court” workout, something that the broader fitness industry has overlooked.  By training on the court, your efforts in strength training will directly impact your game, instead of gym-based exercises that won’t translate one for one into improving tennis performance.


Is strength training for tennis different than normal strength training?

Tennis strength training is different from strength training for, let’s say, a body-builder, because you shouldn’t be looking to build big bulky muscle.  You want to build LEAN muscle – something Mission Lean focuses on.  When you’re lean on the court, you’re light, fast, agile, and flexible.  By combining plyometrics and body weight moeves with dynamic stretching and tennis footwork exercises, you can achieve an incredible strength training workout very specific for tennis performance.

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