Getting lean can be as simple as drinking water.

A Pre Workout should be avoided if you can.

You should not be using a pre workout if you can avoid it, because these drinks and supplements are made with artificial ingredients and other synthetic chemicals.  Furthermore, pre-workout drinks have caffeine, which is actually horrible for you during a workout because you will experience a high and then a crash.  You want to maintain steady energy throughout your workout.  Ask any pro athlete, and the majority will tell you that they do not use caffeine when they compete.

How Can I Avoid using a Pre Workout?

You can avoid using a pre-workout drink by following Mission Lean fitness — lean body fitness — which are workouts that keep you heart rate elevated the whole time.  Once you get going with a lean body workout, you will be completely awake because your blood will be flowing and your heart pumping.  This is unlike a body building workout, which is static, slow, and requires much rest between reps.

Why is a Pre Workout Drink Bad?

Pre-workout drinks are bad because they are jacked with caffeine and artificial ingredients, pre-workout drinks aren’t the least bit healthy.  Plus, you want to be in touch with your body as you’re doing your workouts and able to hear all of its cues. If you have artificial supplements coursing through your veins, they will likely mask your body’s natural messages. This increases the likelihood of injury as well as decreases the hormonal balance inside your body.

Your goal is to be able to power through your workout on your own terms, if you can.

Just remember, buying more stuff will not make you more fit. The only thing that will make you more fit is doing high intensity workouts and eating healthfully.  Pre-workout, post-workout, and sports drinks are products you simply don’t need. In fact, they do much more harm than good to your progress as you aim to build a fit, healthy body for life.

It’s time to start fueling yourself with natural foods instead of processed supplements.  Try to get through your workouts just drinking water – and skip the artificial drinks. Start your workout with 10 minutes of cardio, which will wake you up right away so you don’t need the pre-workout drink at all.

Why does Mission Lean take such a stance on Pre Workout?

At Mission Lean we get our members fit, lean, and achieving their perfect body in a way that lasts for the rest of their lives. We don’t try to sell you unhealthy products. Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyles that include working out, eating well, and caring for your body regularly. There’s no shortcuts in life … or fitness. Get lean, lose belly fat, and take your body to the next level the natural way!


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