To get lean now and for the long run, you need to increase both mental and physical strength.  Everyone at the gym is working on improving physical strength, that’s a given. But the mental is just as important, because without mental fortitude you can never maintain discipline, push when you need to, and follow through.

One incredible trick for increasing mental stamina:  train without music. This may seem like a crazy idea, and counterintiutive to everything that’s offered out there – whether it’s soul cycle or another workout class.  Why not have a great playlist on every time I train? The idea is to allow you to get a boost from music when you absolutely need it.

Also, you will be able to focus completely and entirely on getting the form of whatever move you’re doing correctly and thus, get the maximum benefits from your workout. If you are 100% there, all in doing your workout, that’s exactly what you need to get to the next level. That’s how athletes train.

Let’s say that you train for a  few days without any music. Sure, in the beginning it might seem a little boring.  The time might pass more slowly, and you might feel that burn a bit more because you’ll have nothing distracting you.  But you will be setting the groundwork and learning how to do the moves correctly and precisely with all of your focus and concentration. Then, once they become automatic, what’s going to happen when you incorporate music back into your workout?  You’re going to explode! It’s going to feel effortless. The time will pass very quickly in each workout and you’ll be counting down the hours til you get to the gym.

Try it out for even a day.  Work out with no music and push through the training session.  Then, the next day, turn the music back on and you’ll see the effect.

If you want to become incredibly tough, you can try training for long stretches of time without music.  So during the times when you need that extra boost with music you can use it to reinvigorate you. Use it during tough stretches at work, or at home.  Or when you’re feeling mentally tired. Having this extra “supplement” to you, available when you need it, is an incredibly asset. But the only way to have it is to power through your workouts without it for a while.

Get at it today.  This one trick could make a world of difference in the long run.  Mission: Lean. Let’s do it!