Cardio to lean out is aerobic fitness that will allow you to shed body fat quickly.  If you want to lean out quickly with cardio, you need to focus on the intensity of your training.  Training at the highest intensity possible and for as long as possible will get you this result

How Can I Up my Cardio Intensity to Lean Out Quickly?

If you want to lean out fast, you need to understand how cardio must be done to achieve this.  I would like to share with you an interesting story from my pro tennis background that sheds light on this.  It was 2015 and a top 10 ATP-ranked tennis player needed a hitting partner for the Delray Beach Open.  At the last minute, I was asked to step in.  I had never before hit with a player of this caliber.  I wanted to perform well and give this guy a great training session. 

I jumped onto the court and started going at it.  The guy never missed a ball. And neither did I! I refused to, and so I tuned everything out around me and kept laser focus.  After hitting for 10 minutes we had struck countless balls and that 10 minutes felt like an hour!  The cardio intensity of the practice was insane — and my heart was pumping at a level I had never felt before!

The lesson is to dial in to your workout — get on a great song or put on something motivational on TV — and then go full force.  Even if it’s 10 minutes, you will get in a great cardio session and that hopefully be able to knock out even more time on the next session.

Develop a High Level Cardio Base to Lean Out Forever.

Invest in your cardio and you will build a high aerobic base that will transform you into a lean machine.  All you have to do is take the lesson from the pro player — who had built up his lean fitness to such an incredible level that the intense workout felt like nothing.  To any other player on the court with this top player, the pace and lack of misses would be virtually impossible.  But to the top prop layer, it was commonplace. It was like nothing. But that’s because he had spent years acclimating himself to this type of focused, intense training.  He was incredibly lean, of course.  

If you want to lean out quickly, subscribe to a lean body app that will get your workouts focused.  Then focus on getting in the most intense workout you can, and don’t worry about how long you go for. With consistency and persistence, you will be able to build up to the point where you’re knocking out intense cardio workouts like it’s nothing.   Just like the Top 10 player was getting in hundreds of strikes of the ball within such a compressed period of time – and the cardio from this was easy for him.

Your lean body transformation is within reach!  Focus on the intensity of your training and don’t compromise for less than top quality.  Let’s do this! Mission: Lean.


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