Age Defying Workout Background

What’s the Best 60 and Over Workout?

The best 60 and over workout is one that combines aerobic training with strength and flexibility moves.  The goal should be to train for performance – incorporating strength and flexibility – but also elevating your heart rate enough to benefit from the anti-aging effects of an aerobic workout.  The Age Defying Workout plan on Mission Lean aims provide you with specific workouts focused on endurance, strength, flexibility and mobility so you benefit from a 360-degree approach to fitness – one that will enable you to live healthier, longer, and with better quality of life.

What’s most important in a Workout for 60 and Over?

The most important component of a 60 and Over workout is to elevate your heart rate enough that you’re benefiting from the biological response of increased telomerase activity.  The telomeres are the caps that hold the DNA of a cell, and their length is the primary determining factor in how quickly or slowly a cell ages.  If your workout provides you with enough of an aerobic response, you will be able to increase the length of your telomeres and in turn defy age.


Is Cardio Important for a 60 and Over Workout?

Cardio is important for a 60 and Over Workout but it needs to be done with intention and not just working out endlessly at a low intensity on a cardio machine.  It’s been proven that aerobic-based workouts increase telomerase activity and in turn increase the length of telomeres in cells – thereby extending cellular lifespan and keeping you younger for longer.  But you need to raise your heart rate as high as you can – something that steady state cardio at a low intensity does not do.  When you combine specific workout moves in a set sequence that raises your heart rate high enough, you can tap into this anti-aging biological response.  That’s what we aim to do with the Age Defying Workout on Mission Lean.

Are Weights an Important Component of a 60 and Over Workout?

Weights are useful for a 60 and Over Workout, but make sure you are training in a circuit, where you move from one exercise to the next without a rest.  In this way, you will be able to elevate your heart rate during your workout and tap into the anti-aging effect that we strive for on Mission Lean’s Age Defying Workout.  Just going from weight to weight, taking much time between sets, won’t do the job from getting you that anti-aging boost.


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