You can create a home gym with household items by being creative and thinking about what workout you want to do.  You really don’t need to go to the gym to get a good workout because you can create an at home gym right where you are. We’ll show you moves for an abs workout at home as well as at home leg workouts.You can use items around the house for extra resistance. The best thing about using these household items is that they make regular bodyweight exercises more challenging and effective without you having to buy any special accessories or go to a gym that has them available.

What Kind of Workout should I do to Get Lean at Home?

If you want to get lean with a home workout, The only thing a person really needs to get fit is their own body and a little space to move (well, a little motivation wouldn’t hurt either.) By making these traditional exercises more difficult you will be raising your heart rate to get a cardio workout at home( great to burn even more calories from the exercises you’re already doing) and giving yourself more of a challenge by adding resistance, friction, and/or weight.Workouts with household items

What Home Exercises Are the Best for Lean Fitness?

The exercises that are best for lean fitness at home are those that incorporate a small tool to assist you, but that are based around body weight.  Think creatively.

A rolled up towel can make leg raises (placed between ankles,) crunches (placed between knees,) and planks (placed between thighs) more challenging … getting your heart rate higher and giving you more of a full body workout. You’ll be working your core with the original move, but adding in the towel will get various muscles in your legs to engage as well (not to mention your abs will be working much harder. You can also use it to tone your arms by squeezing it like a ball in various positions. You could also try all of the above with small throw pillows.

A large apple or sneaker that’s easy to hold in your hand for side plank rotations. Holding the apple in your hand above your head and then threading that weight underneath your waist will work to tone your arms and get your obliques working much harder than a regular side plank. Try incorporating this into our free Flat Abs Workout.

What other household items can help me get lean at home?

Keep thinking creatively about household items that can be used for a get lean workout.  Here are more ideas:

You can also use hand towels to get a slider (or pilates reformer) like effect on hard wood floors making sliding lunges and pushups engage all the small muscles that you normally wouldn’t when you don’t include an isometric hold into your moves. This gives you that beautiful long, toned muscles look versus the more bulky look you get from doing regular lunges with weights.

Use your couch like a bench to make bridges more challenging and get your glutes and hamstrings to engage even more than they normally would.

What is a good at home weight for lean fitness exercises?

If you’re focused on lean fitness, you don’t need much weight to add to your exercises as the number of reps and the intensity of your workout is what’s most important.  But you can take a filled up gallon of water ( or empty it out to get the desired added weight) and use it like a kettle bell to do plie squats. You could also do this with smaller water bottles, pots filled with water, or watermelons.  Stay creative and the options are limitless!


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