Start the day off feeling strong and energized by completing a Mission Lean workout. Working out first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. You will feel accomplished, motivated, and determined to stick to your plan.


Pancakes on the Keto diet?! Try these fluffy little treats to energize you. Made from high-fat, low-carb almond flour and mixed with other healthy ingredients… this is a breakfast dish you can indulge in.


Grab a salad for lunch. But not just any ol’ salad. Pack it with mushrooms and avocado for an extra boost of super healthy fat to keep you full and satiated until dinner.


Eat as much rice as you want… it’s made out of cauliflower. This entirely plant-based dish might fool you into thinking you’re eating a real rice bowl… but with zero carbs.

2 weeks to get lean with keto.

Are you ready for it?