Fat burning HIIT workouts & diet plans to get lean.


Fat burning HIIT workouts & diet plans to get lean.


A comprehensive HIIT workout plan for women and complementary diet plan about how to get lean and have the lean body for life.


easy to follow HIIT Workout plans for women

Workout routine to get toned, tight muscles that are long and lean (not big and bulky.)

  • Fat burning workouts
  • Ab exercises, inner thigh workouts & full body workouts
  • Workout schedule to get lean

50+ Superfood Recipes

fat burning foods for the lean body

Easy to make recipes with healthy, wholesome superfoods. You will learn:

  • Fat burning foods to never gain weight
  • When to eat for maximum fat loss
  • How to cook in less than 20 minutes


Everything You Need To Know

Knowledge that would take you decades to learn organized in one place.

  • Have a fat burning workout every time
  • Eliminate your cravings
  • Fall asleep easily

12-Week Calendar

follow along anywhere

Your customized HIIT workout and diet plan has already been planned for you. Just follow along.

  • Plan designed for maximum fat loss
  • Super easy to follow
  • Accessible from all devices

25+ Cardio Workouts

blast fat & burn calories

The best cardio workouts that are fun & manageable with new calorie torching workouts every week.

  • Treadmill workouts
  • Track workouts
  • Bike workouts

Tons of Extras

Downloads, dms & more

Toning the lean body is confusing. If it were so easy, everyone would already be lean. We’re here to make the process simpler:

  • Support via FB Messenger & Instagram DM
  • Grocery Lists & Workout Printouts
  • Videos & Blogs With Clear Explanations

Get an inside look at the Mission Lean program.

Watch this short video to get a glimpse at the members- only dashboard.

Meet your HIIT workout trainer


  • Former Wilhelmina Model
  • Lean Body Expert
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Never feel fat again

Forget that horrible feeling. From now on, you are going to feel full, feminine, fabulous.. and never again FAT.

Fit Into a Smaller Size

Get the clothes you love to fit you like a glove. The most priceless and coveted accessory is always a lean, toned body.

Feel tiny and strong

Lean, taught muscles peeking out in just the perfect amount. The Mission Lean physique is svelte, strong, and beautiful.

Look sexy naked

Feeling comfortable inside your own skin is the sexiest thing possible. Looking like a swimsuit model doesn’t hurt either. Achieve both.


Stop starving yourself. That just leads to going through life in a hangry, confused fog. I will teach you the right foods, cooking techniques, and nutritional info to empower yourself to be the best and healthiest chef you know.


Start doing the right ab workouts, inner thigh workouts, hip workouts and cardio workouts at the right intensity. The only way to permanently transform to the lean body  is by changing your muscle tone and your metabolism. The only way to do this is by training your body correctly to build lean muscle and burn excess fat.


There are crucial healthy lifestyle hacks that I will help you with. These habits are truly the best investment you could possibly make in yourself and your future. Knowing these will make or break maintaining successful results.

Lean Body Transformations From Women

These people have transformed their bodies and their lives. And you can too.


Mila | 29

“The Mission Lean Program awakened me to fact that in my busy life I lost a sense of nourishment and the movement my body needed and deserved. Before starting the regimen I was always dieting and exercising merely to damage control my splurges. I dreaded counting calories and spending hours on cardio machines at the gym. The whole process felt exhausting to the point that I couldn’t enjoy my life anymore…

After changing my diet to eat the wholesome, primarily plant based foods the Mission Lean approach advises, I immediately felt a surge in energy. My body felt lighter and my cravings for ‘cheat foods’ subsided. I started to view exercise as training and shorter bursts of it left me filled with endorphins. Instead of craving cupcakes I was craving the energy boost of a timed run. After I realized how much better my body functioned I was hooked and the results followed naturally as my body transformed into the athletic and lean physique that it was always intended to be.”

Olga, 30

Financial Professional

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