These Six Pack Tricks will enable you to accelerate weight loss so you can get a flat, toned stomach quickly. The tricks here come from both the fitness and nutrition side, and when you combine them are powerful and will get you results quickly.

Best Six Pack TricksSix Pack Workout

For a Six Pack Workout you need to combine cardio with strength moves, so you can burn fat and also get great tone.

Start with 10 minutes of cardio at the beginning of your workout — Yes it seems simple but the effects are profound.

Push yourself hard until you break a great sweat, and then get into a circuit of 4 or 5 strength and bodyweight moves, just choose your favorites or find hundreds of powerful ones on Mission Lean, and go from one move to the next WITHOUT REST. Try to go from one ab move to one leg or arm move, and then back to another ab move.  Focus your strength workout around the core

Six Pack Fitness

Six Pack Fitness entails combining the cardio with the strength in the ideal proportion.  Always do cardio first before your strength moves.  Why is doing cardio first so important.

First, you will be fully warmed up before any training moves, which will right away eliminate risk for injuring yourself. But more importantly for your six pack, elevating your body temperature and heart rate right away will provide additional benefit for any strength moves you complete afterwards. You’ll be getting in a strength and cardio workout at the same time because your engine will be revved up and ready to go. Plus the strength moves will be a bit harder as you’ll have exhausted the tank those cardio minutes.

Six Pack Diet

For a six pack diet, combine whole ingredients with fruits and vegetables to get a well-rounded assortment of high quality calories and nutrition.  Most importantly, make sure ANY SNACKS YOU EAT ARE FRUITS OR VEGGIES.  Get rid of the unhealthy snacks and your six pack will begin to take form.

Stock up on some fresh fruit and vegetables in your home, keep them washed in your fridge, and bring them along with you at the beginning of the day.

Six Pack Snacks

An apple or banana is great to start with. You can also bring fresh veggies with you in a zip-lock. Slice up some celery, carrots, cucumber, and peppers. Eating whole fruits and veggies when you would have eaten a junk food snack will allow you to lose fat quickly so you can get your six pack. Plus, you’ll be developing healthier habits that will translate into sustainable change for your health.

Six Pack Nutrition

Six pack nutrition involves eating healthy, clean foods so you can shed belly fat.  Here is a great six pack trick for nutrition to implement right away: Replace dressing, butter, and mayo with avocado.

Avocado doesn’t just give you healthy fats and omega-3s to make you healthier, it is highly nutritious and a great replaceent for other unhealthy foods.

Get rid of salad dressing and start using avocado instead. Avocado is creamy and filling, and it will give you the same taste of salad dressing, but without the wasted calories.

Forget butter and start spreading on avocado onto your toast. This is a great six pack trick that will begin to lean you down quickly and get that six pack showing.

Forget empty calories in mayo and opt for avocado as a substitute on sandwiches and other plates that might have included mayonnaise. You will begin to experience your lean body transformation quickly once you implement this change.

Your Six Pack Nutrition Plan

Your Six Pack Nutrition Plan should revolve around single-ingredient, whole foods – ideally food you’ve prepared at home that isn’t soaked in all the sauces and oils that restaurants use.

What do we mean by simple meal? A simple meal is a meal with some healthy grains (rice or kasha), some raw veggies, and a piece of lean meat. 3 components to a complete, healthy, lean, fat-burning plate. You can cook this meal at home and enjoy these simple flavors to cleanse your palate so you’re craving simple, whole ingredients. You won’t be wanting highly-caloric sauces and dressings if you begin structuring your plate around nutritious, whole ingredients.

The Mission Lean app gives you a plan for eating clean by providing healthy recipes that will blast fat, lean you down, and get you toned in no time. Start exploring our site and blog posts and begin taking your lean body to the next level.