Mission Lean is a digital platform offering multi-week, pro athlete-designed workout plans and diet plans for men and women. Our HIIT workout programs are formulated with fat burning workouts that include HIIT cardio, core workouts, leg workouts, and arm workouts. With our fat burning exercises, we’ve taken the 30 minute workout to a whole new level.

Our programs show you how to get lean by including a healthy meal plan featuring plant based, whole food recipes that are made with fat burning foods. Each program gives subscribers a clear-cut, personalized plan of action for how to get lean and stay lean for life rather than a short-term diet fix or bulky, non-functional muscles.

Co-founders Jon Pearlman and Lyuda Bouzinova, both ACE certified personal trainers and fitness nutrition specialists, have fused their unique backgrounds in professional sports and modeling to offer a revolutionary approach to fitness, nutrition, and life-long health.

Mission Lean shows you exactly how to get lean by providing subscribers with daily workout routines and meal plans to stick to. The HIIT workout videos are easy to follow, and can be done in as little as 30 minutes. The healthy recipes are quick to make and are made from fat burning foods also known as superfoods. Mission lean is all about functional training, clean eating, and a healthy lifestyle that allows you to thrive.


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