Men’s Get Lean Program


The 4 Week HIIT Workout routine for men was developed by a top Harvard University tennis player and ATP-ranked touring professional. Start now and receive the blueprint for how to build the lean, athletic body specifically for men. Get lean once and for all.

4 Week HIIT Workout routine for men and lean diet plan with fat burning foods for how to get lean. Includes the shoulder workout, abs workout & more to get you ripped.

Once you start this program you’ll  never need another fitness or diet book ever again. So if you’re serious about leaning down, getting shredded and keeping the weight off forever, start now. It’s time to take your fitness, nutrition, confidence and life to the next level.

The program includes:

  • New weekly quick and effective workouts for every muscle group
  • Videos clearly explaining how to perform every single exercise with the correct form
  • 25+ Recipes to get your diet to the next level and help you eat clean
  • Motivational videos that are sure to get your mind set for your transformation
  • Instructional videos that will walk you through how to manage mistakes and roadblocks to ensure your success

Each week you will get access to new:
– Healthy, nutritious recipes for clean eating
– High Intensity strength workouts that will have your body burning fat all day long
– Workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime
– Progressive cardio workouts so you never plateau
– Weekly exercise and meal plans to increase your metabolism
– Tips and tricks that help you lose weight fast
– Motivation and education to get lean and stay lean for life

1. Will I lose weight?
If that is your goal, then YES! If you follow the nutritional and fitness guidelines then you will absolutely lose weight. Eating cleaner and working out harder will get your body lighter and more toned. You will feel much more comfortable being in your skin.

2. How hard will this be?
We make getting fit as easy and convenient as possible. However, transformations are never “easy.” This is your body and your life, put in a real effort and you will get incredible results. Remember, you are worth it!

3. What if I want to work out on my own schedule?
You can choose your own workouts every day or you can follow our fitness schedule which is updated weekly based on your progress. We recommend you follow the schedule that has been designed since it takes into account the whole program and not just what you feel like doing today. However, if you feel advanced enough to be able to pick and choose your own workouts, then proceed by all means!

5 reviews for Men’s Get Lean Program

  1. Larry

    I am 61 years old and after starting Mission Lean I have changed my life in many ways. I got back into shape using my sports background as a base for doing the Mission Lean workouts. All of the diet information helped as well. I feel leaner, fitter, stronger and smarter than I have for many years now. I’ve gotten my son (who is in college) to start doing the workouts too and watching the videos about what/when/how to eat to maximize your workouts. He loves it, too.

  2. Dave

    I asked my friend who is over 50 what her secret was to looking so youthful. She said I’m doing this Mission Lean program, and I said what’s Mission Lean. She said, well it’s a complete lifestyle change— it helps you to be to be aware of what you eat and that you have to exercise and there’s a specific formula for combining the two. She really did look good so I got some of the recipes from the website and I started eating well, plus doing the workouts in the morning. It’s been about a year now and I’ve lost 30 pounds and I’ve kept it off.”

  3. Ethan

    From my personal experience this program was amazing, I cannot say enough good things about it. At the start of the process not going to lie it was difficult and I didn’t think I could do it. After I kept sticking with everything, it became a smoother transition to becoming healthier and staying fit. I started right before I was going to try out for my high school soccer team. As a senior I wanted it to be a year to remember. Thanks to the program, eating healthier and working out regularly became a big part of my success. The healthy food made me feel extremely better and made me have more energy which led to me playing one of my best seasons that I could remember.

  4. Jonathan

    The Mission Lean workouts made me break a sweat– which never really happened before. By following the nutrition plan, it made knowing what to eat a lot easier. The food is good too. Everything in this program is well explained and pretty easy to follow. I recommend it for people who are really busy and need a simple way to get in shape that they can do anywhere. I did a lot of the workouts in the gym but sometimes I couldn’t leave work so I would do them in my garage or outside whenever I did get home. It’s really flexible and has helped me get a lot more fit.

  5. Elliott

    After beginning Mission Lean, , I shifted my views on what being healthy really entails. It was not that I was relatively overweight or consuming terrible foods. Before, I was primarily focused on building and maintaining muscles and fueling this with decent foods, admittedly too much consumption of animal products. However, I was often in much pain. I started doing the ML workouts which are more sustainable for the long term (cardio, body weight training and stretching) and foods, notably more whole foods and less animal products, to nourish the body and mind. Basically supporting a more natural body to be able to live generally better.

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