Lyuda is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Before creating Mission Lean, she worked as a model in New York and Miami. Her experience in the fashion industry, with its size pressures and expectations, inspired her to develop a nutrition and fitness program that was healthy and sustainable in order to maintain a lean physique. Together with Jon, she developed the lean body program for women by incorporating elements of cardiovascular, strength, and sports training together with yoga and pilates to help build beautiful long, lean muscles and complement the workouts with proper nutrition all day long. She is proud to have helped women all over the country improve their nutrition, their workouts, and their lives.

Lyuda is originally from Russia and grew up in Boston. She earned her BS from Boston University and holds an MA from Fordham University.


ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer

ACE(American Council on Exercise) Fitness Nutrition Specialist

I used to diet and exercise. Now I eat and train. This mindset shift has made all the difference and I want to help you achieve it as well through Mission Lean. I literally did not eat 1 gram of carbs for years and was starved and constantly depleted of energy. When I did eat, I ate diet products  – including diet soda – Orange Crush was my favorite. Even if I didn’t have energy, I would still go to the gym and do 2 hours on the elliptical machine. I drank coffee to get through the day and wine to calm my mind in the evening. My habits were unhealthy. I was never comfortable in my skin. And looking back now, I can’t believe I consumed these nutrition- less products and then expected my body to perform in a workout later on. I still feel guilty about how badly I mistreated my body. I want you to learn from my mistakes!

Eventually, together with Jon, I learned the holistic approach to health that you will find here on Mission Lean. I started to focus on the nutrition in my food (rather than the calories) and after a few months (and pounds lost) I started to believe that you can actually eat well AND look good. Now, I always eat to satiation, often enjoy dessert, and have so much energy to work out powerfully and still be able to focus and concentrate throughout the day. This is the reason Jon and I created Mission Lean– to teach others the right habits and mindsets to feel their absolute best every day. I want everyone who undertakes our Get Lean Program to “graduate” thinking of themselves as an athlete. To work out hard to get your body to perform at its best and make sure to fuel it with nutritious food.

You will learn to focus on the nutrition in your food and never worry about calories. Because you will be in tune with your body (and it won’t be going haywire due to crazy chemicals from diet products), you will be able to trust your instincts in terms of hunger and satiation. I never experience the cravings that I used to and you won’t either. Now that I know what being healthy and vibrant feels like, I will never live any other way. Start this program and you will feel the same!